Dealing With Angry People

You ever ran across some angry people in your life, people who are so angry they lash out at everything and everyone surrounding them? Angry people are everywhere you turn in life. Racist people are angry people. Hurt people are angry people. People who dislike other based on biased reasoning are angry people, and people with dark pasts or who are secretive are also angry people. Resolve starts within self. Please, understand that angry peoples anger is not your direct problem unless of course, you make their issues your problem.

Recently encountering an angry, severely hurt person I learned some valuable life lessons. First, angry people are hurt people. You will never know why they are angry or hurt unless you take time to understand and exercise empathy to help them get to the source of why they are so angry. Rooting. Rooting is the ability to get to the root on an internal issue and remove it so it’s no longer impeding.

However, until the individual is ready to associate with the cause of their anger the problem will never be completely resolved. I’ve had a gift to identify the root cause of issues in others as well as myself since my youth. Once identifying the issue(s), next work must be put in to release the issue that has been suppressed for so long. Suppressing is stuffing things down inside of yourself and not wanting to deal with your issues. Release is the ability to identify, acknowledge, accept and change yourself thus creating the release.

Secondly, and most importantly, angry people who lash are “raging” in the moment due to “issue suppression.” Instead of acknowledging, accepting, healing and moving on, these angry people continue to push one problem after the next down into themselves until they are literally a walking time bomb ready to explode. Something simple as the wrong facial expression can and will cause them to explode, and it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

I have learned while encountering these life experiences that sometimes the greatest victory is doing nothing at all. When a person rages out of anger and internal personal issues, you have to first inform yourself that what the person is doing or saying is ‘not’ personal. Thereafter, you must negate the situation by calming the episode. Create no resistance, do not feed negative energy into an already negative situation and the moment will soon pass.

It is true the saying “a fire with no fuel has no flame.” It can be a challenge when facing an angry person. Through experience, I have learned to feed positive energy into a negative situation or no energy into the angry persona at all. This applies to any situation in your life. You can’t get ahead if you keep allowing yourself to fall behind. One statement to stay away from that can become dangerous is “I understand.” No. You don’t understand because unless you have been in that person’s shoes or you are that person “I understand” can turn into a battle statement.

Battle statements invoke more anger, and add fuel to the flames that are already raging. The best thing you can say to an angry person are positive statements such as “I’ll give you some space right now,” “it’s okay to be angry, you are human,” or “I’m not sure why you are angry but if you want we can talk about it.” These are winning statements in a sense that you are remaining calm and showing you want to help the situation and not hurt it.

Remember. In the face of an angry person that you have not angered: stay calm, do not feed negative energy into a negative situation, and use winning statements to negate the negative energy and turn the situation into a positive ending. It’s not personal!

Stay growing and glowing. Peace to all.

– Lessynz


Cross-Channel Marketing

cross channel marketing

At the turn of the millennium, technology took off in a way like never before. We live in a technological era that leaves no room for limitations. When thinking of how advanced technology has become, think about how it can aid your business platform. Marketing  and branding will always be your strongest asset to building a solid foundation for your business, music, service or products.

You have to determine which marketing strategies are right for you. With al the technology, there are very few limitations if any as to how you can create your marketing strategies. Email marketing, Social media marketing, web marketing, digital marketing and search engine marketing are a few ways you can develop your marketing strategy.

Cross-channel marketing gives you the ability to engage with prospects and customers across multiple channels, devices or platforms. Email, social media, the web, smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops. It doesn’t matter how you choose to connect with a profoundly integrated experience for customers. They want you to be there to assist them at all times.

So what works for your business and you and how do you supply this experience to your customers? Metrics and analysis are an important part of how you are able to create this marketing experience for your prospects and customers. You have to track the data, movement and actions of your prospects and customers and the types of devices they are using to determine how to create the best forms of digital integration.

Prospects and customers are using many types of devices to access service and product searches through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. They connect to your products, services and business through desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. So how do you integrate the user experience for them by way of Cross Channel Marketing?

Understand how you can target the same users through different parts of the engagement funnel. An engagement funnel is a part of the global marketing strategy. There are four main parts to the engagement funnel:

1. Awareness – Anyone can be a marketing prospect. Awareness is the top-level of the engagement funnel. Determine the type of content based on your business, services or products and bring awareness to the prospecting customers. This can be done with images, videos, podcasts, editorial and other types of content creation necessary to bring awareness to prospecting and current customers.

2. Consideration – Take into consideration how the prospect views your content and display of information in the awareness process. Understand how your platform and display are persuading your prospects and customers.  Consideration is also a time where the prospect is making a decision and comparison of your products and information based on the visual displays.

3. Decision making and purchase – This is the place where follow-up and offers begin to make more sense. Now that your prospect is interested in what you have to offer, now it’s time to intensify the interest with rich content. Think of why the customer should buy. This helps you understand the decision-making persuasion from the prospects viewpoint.

4. Post-purchase – This is the most challenging aspect of the engagement funnel more often than not. You have to understand the type of content that’s necessary at least six to nine months in advance of the product purchase but you want the content to keep the prospect engaged with you. Send out a catchy newsletter to your prospects that have visited your site to keep them engaged for future purchase opportunities.

If you can answer the four main questions from the potential customers perspective, you’re on the path to proper customer attraction and engagement in your marketing strategy:  Why should I care? Why should I buy? Why should I buy now? What next?

Once you have the engagement funnel down, you can introduce the cross-channel marketing strategy. Adding promotional offers on periodic email marketing helps keep the prospect and current customers engaged with you while giving them other opportunities to purchase your services and goods. Remember to test every avenue by application. The options are endless to your marketing strategy.

Don’t Let 420 Rule Out an Important Date in Black History



Amazingly, most people commonly associate with April 20th as the global jubilee of cannabis. However, there is a far more important event in history that is shadowed on April 20th by this seemingly pointless global event. April 20 significantly is the date that Harriet Tubman enacted the Underground Railroad and freed hundreds from slavery.

Harriet Tubman is one of the many  well-known women in Black History. She was born to enslaved parents, Harriet “Rit” Green and Ben Ross in Dorchester County, Maryland, and was originally named Araminta Harriet Ross. Harriet was one of nine children born to Ben and Rit in the early to mid 1800’s. Though Araminta, or “Minty’s” birth is unknown, it is presumed she was born between 1820 and 1825.

Despite the early separation of Minty’s family and the years of endured hardship living an enslaved life. There was so many years of physical and psychological abuse from the slave owners. Minty had the scars to prove the hardships of her life. There was one violent incident in her life that was so severe, Minty lived the rest of her life with extreme headaches and narcolepsy.

Even though there were many trials in her life,  Arminta was determined to excel above her situation and circumstances. Freedom was such a thin line for Harriet Tubman’s family. By age 45, Ben, Harriet’s father, was granted freedom as stipulated in the will of his previous owner. However, there were few options after his gained freedom other than to continue working as a foreman and timber estimator for his past owners.  


Harriet Tubman, circa 1900 (Photo by Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collection/Getty Images

Although similar emancipation stipulations applied to Rit, Harriet’s mother and her children, the people who owned their family chose not to free them. Ben had little to no power to challenge the decision to keep his family enslaved. By the time Harriet was an adult, about half of the African – American slaves on the eastshore of maryland had been freed. It was not unusual at that time for families to include free and enslaved members.

By 1844. Harriet married a free black man by the name of John Tubman. Very little is known about John or his marriage to Minty. Any children they may have had would have been considered enslaved since Harriet was still enslaved at the time of her and John’s marriage. Araminta changed her name at the time of marriage to Harriet, possibly to honor her mother.

Upon severe illness and the death of her owner in 1849, Harriet escaped slavery into Philadelphia.Three years later by 1853, Harriet took her sister and her sister’s two children. A year later she went back for her brother, and by 1857 she had gone back for her elderly parents.

As the characteristics of slavery changed in 1850, the “Fugitive Slave Law” stated that escaped slaves living in the North could be captured and returned to slavery. Because of this, Harriet rerouted the Underground Railroad to Canada which forbid slavery without exceptions or conditions. Within a decade, Harriet Tubman had made a course of 19 trips back into the South with the use of the Underground Railroad and personally escorted 300 slaves to freedom into the North.


(Photo: Getty Images)

As an African – American person living in the Americas, 420 should have a lot more significance to life than just a day to celebrate being a pot-head. It is a moment in time and history that one enslaved woman stood above many, risking her freedom and life to passionatley save many of her enslaved people. Knowledge is power and the voice of reason.

– Keep growing and glowing.


About the author:

Just Me  Ife’ Miller is a diversified writer in all spectrums of poetry and subjects of life. She’s been writing since age seven and continues to expand her writting styles. Self published author of Metamorphosis of a Butterfly: Collaborations of My Mind, CEO and Founder of RREM Business Consulting, RREMBC Webdesign and VA Services, and life long advocate and public speaker currently residing in Houston, Texas as she continues to be her brand and build her business.

SEO – Backlinking


Marketing is always going to be your strongest asset to branding yourself. In any organization, no matter how big or small, branding is going to be a continuous process. The key is to build a strong brand for yourself with a reputable name that people can trust.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a sure-fire way to building your brand in this technological era. There are so many free tools and learning resources you can utilize in your startup or your currently growing business. Moz is one of the companies whose resources are very helpful in your journey to SEO development, backlinking, and link building.

Moz has a wonderful beginners guide to SEO development and backlinking that would be helpful to any entrepreneur, startup or small business owner. Backlinking is the process of creating hyperlinks that allow readers to go back to other links such as your website, blogs, previous articles written and any other important links you want to include in your back linking process.

Back link creation builds your brand as the search engines people use identity and associate specific links as they are related to one another. So why is back linking important to brand building and your marketing strategy? It builds the popularity of your brand, helps people identify your products and services, and assists in your marketing tactics to gain and close more sales. It’s a step that a lot of people overlook.

RREM Business Consulting  specializes in the importance of branding building while focusing on the importance of SEO development and strategizing to build your brand while implementing strategies that create high results and positive outcomes for your brand building and marketing tactics.

Researching and testing the theories are essential to building the ultimate brand in star-ups. True enough, entrepreneurship is a time consuming and grueling task within itself. But anything you start is only as good as the efforts and actions you apply. Your marketing strategies are what gain your customers and close your sales. You brand and market yourself in everything you do within your start-up.

You should make the determination of what your marketing needs are, what strategies and theories work best for your products and services, and ensuring you test as many of the theories and practices as possible to create the ultimate marketing strategy that works for you. Again, there cannot be enough emphasis applied to the importance of executing SEO development in this technological era.

Exhaust all your resources, always research new innovative, cost effective strategies for your marketing and branding and always remember anything you do is only as good as the application you apply to it.

Feel free to sign up and RSS our company blog, and follow our personal blog on Word Press. You may also schedule online for a free consultation with assisting you with your SEO development, social media marketing  and web marketing strategies.

Be A Light: You Control Your Destiny


Don’t ever let anyone put out your light because they don’t know how to make theirs shine. Some people see the light that shines within you even when you don’t see it. And because of that, they will try to put out your light. There are people who will say malicious things against your character and to you, to prevent you from being as great as you were created to be.

Don’t give people that kind of power over your life. You are in control of your personal happiness. You are in control of your destiny. People who have lost hope for themselves will attempt to validate themselves in their jobs, material things, attention seeking behaviors and other people. This is not a true sense of happiness.

Spend time alone reflecting on where you are and where you currently stand. Appreciate the little things in life that are divine confirmations that you are on the right path in your life. Pay attention to the few voices that confirm your direction and path in life. It’s not the many voices that attempt to deter you from your greatness but, the few voices that confirm your steps.

No matter how pretty something is on the outside, sometimes it’s dark and ugly on the inside. Digression is a choice. Being unhappy is a choice. Even being negative is a choice. Don’t choose those things for your life. You have the ability to choose and control your destiny in a way that only you can manifest the life you choose to live.

There was a time, I too was guilty of allowing the negative things people said to me control the direction of my life, my potential and ability to grow into who I am created to be. I felt that due to many circumstances, I was helpless and did not control my path in life. But, there was a handful of people that showed the impact I had on their lives in such a fruitful and uplifting way. Those are the people that kept me going. Those are the people that helped me make the correct choices to control my destiny. My small events of “divine intervention”

You never realize how powerful you really are until you step away from the “norms’ and isolate into a place of true soul searching. It is true that “even destruction is a form of creation”. The old self has to be completely destroyed in order to produce the very beauty that lies within.

You control your destiny. Look deep within. You are created with everything you need to manifest the life you choose to live, despite the path you had to walk to get there. Let your light shine bright no matter what anyone says or does. You don’t control anyone else. You only control your response and the path you choose to walk into your destiny.

Surround yourself with people and things that align with your destiny.


Keep growing and glowing. Lyfe lessynz.


Don’t Give Power to the Negative Words of Others



There are some people in the world that are so broken inside, it has become their normalcy. True enough there is a reason why some people are unkind. But, it’s also true that healing and becoming a better person is a choice. Some people don’t think anything is defunct within them because they have been in a place of brokenness for so long.

These people don’t even know how to see the positive in opposing situations. They don’t know how to say kind words, or even show acts of kindness to others. They don’t even know how to complement others properly. When you encounter people like this, the first thing you must do is tell yourself “this isn’t personal”.

It took me some time to realize this and grow to this place. The reality is, these people don’t feel good about themselves on the inside. They target the closest person to them when they are feeling bad about themselves. It doesn’t justify this behavior but, it does help us better understand this type of behavior and why these types of people project or respond the way they do.

Have you ever encountered a very unpleasant and unkind person? A person who picks out every single “flaw” in you? A person who attempts to completely dismember your appearance or character? This is a hurt and internally suffering person. It’s not necessarily personal, especially when you know you haven’t done anything to this person for them to verbally attack your person or character.

I am a social butterfly by nature. So, I’ve encountered all kinds of people in my 42 years of life. But, the broken people are the ones whose pain I become attracted to because I am also a healer by nature. I want to heal the hurts and pains of all the broken souls in the world. But the reality is, I can’t. And, sometimes I cause more damage without intention trying to protect myself from these damaged people while attempting to heal their hurts.

I have encountered some people whose words have been so malicious and volatile to my emotions that it has almost wrecked my mental state and overall wellbeing. On the other hand, I had to come to the realization that these words were transferences. They were not who I am. They were basically reflections of what the person was truly feeling about themselves. Because I was the most direct target in the moment, it was being projected at me.

That’s when I learned that first, I will never give the negative words of others power over my life. That’s giving someone too much power over me and the ability to control me. Secondly, if there is nothing I can do to help this person and they choose not to help themselves, I need to remove myself any way I can for the sake of self-preservation. You can’t save everyone because they don’t want to be saved.

When you allow the negative words of others to affect your emotions, the way you think or how you feel about yourself which in the end, controls how you function in your life, you enable these people full control over your life. Just because you repeatedly hear things doesn’t make them true about your character. It means you need to pay attention and learn to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who bring out the best in you.

People with a greater sense of compassion who see the beauty in a cold world always want to save or help broken people. You just have to come to terms that you can’t control the people around you, but you can control the types of people you surround yourself with. Everyone can’t be saved. But you don’t have to give power to the negative words of others either.

Keep growing and glowing.




New iOS releases.Suggested to Enhance Performance.

Apple has released the third iOS 10.2.1 beta for developer testing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 10.2.1 is likely a bug fix and performance improvement release. The initial beta was released on December 14 with a second beta issued before the holiday break. watchOS 3.1.3 beta 2 and tvOS 10.1.1 are also out for…

via Apple releases iOS 10.2.1 beta 3, watchOS 3.1.3 beta 2, and tvOS 10.1.1 beta 2 for developers — 9to5Mac

Music Artist Branding & Marketing


Music Branding and Marketing


Everyone loves music. There is so much passionate expression in music. Each song tells a story about some part of the artist’s life. You relate to specific songs and the lyrics because you can feel where the artist is coming from.

Each time an artist compiles a piece an investment is being made for the sound recording and studio time required to lay the vocals and tracks, and mix and master the complete compilation. Now that you have completed your sound track, how do you get your listeners to purchase or view your content?

Branding and marketing. Okay, in this article some of the aspects of branding and marketing in the music industry will be discussed. It doesn’t matter if you are an unsigned independent artist or an artist under a well-known brand such as Motown Records, Def Jam Recordings or Virgin Records.

It’s even more important for unsigned artists to understand branding and marketing then it is for major artists, because major artists have hired someone to do the work for them, or it comes with their contract signing under the major brand name.


A dream is just a dream until you turn it into a vision for the world to see.- Ife’ Miller


An artist isn’t just music, they’re a brand and a business industry as well. An “artist business modeling” strategy helps the artist build their brand by laying out goals and objectives to be achieved through their music career. The artist business plan devises strategies for long-term outcomes that best suit the artist’s genre and career path.

In doing so, the artist is now building their brand, and setting a marketing strategy to drive traffic to websites, social media platforms, music distribution platforms, downloads, and purchases.

Along with building an artist brand, there are options for digital distribution platforms, social media marketing, preparing and building the EPK (electronic press kit), and ensuring that prospects have readily available access to the artistry platform built for easy accessibility.

If you’re an avid Facebook user, there is an option to create “Pages” for business, artists or just to gain a strong Facebook following. Exhaust the resources to learn how to create a strong brand and marketing strategy based on the goals  you want to achieve.

Artist’s biographies are another aspect to building your brand and marketing yourself out to prospects. An artist bio is something you would include in your EPK so the prospects can learn more about who you are, your work ethic, how you started out, your hometown and so on.

As an artist, you get so caught up in the music you don’t realize there is more to the music then just recording your sound and lyrics. Take some time out each day to build your branding and marketing strategy to learn what options are available to you. There are also companies that can help you!

Remember to do as much research as possible to learn about all of the options available for branding and marketing. Some options are free, some are paid. You have to invest in yourself in order for other people to want to invest in you too. Start building your brand and marketing yourself out today. It’s never too late!

A dream is something you see when you’re asleep. Don’t let your dream remain only something you can see. Turn it into a vision for the world see.

Have fun building your brand and making your mark!

– Ife’

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a viable assest to your brand in this technological era. Whether you are marketing for your company, brand or website, social media is one of the best ways to get your product, service, brand business or news out ot the world with the fastest turn over rates.

There are multiple free and paid ways to get your marketing done! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are some of the more commonly known social platforms that everyone is using right now. They’re not just platforms to “say something” or “share media” such as pictures, blogs and videos. You can create a large following with “audience centric” content that draws the necessary traffic you need to build your brand through social media marketing.

Blogging is another good option for marketing and building your brand or selling your products and services. In a previous blog I discussed SEO development. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives you the ability to be found within commonly used search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

What does this mean for you and your marketing strategy? It means that when people type in specific key words associated with your meta tags, they are able to easily find your business, product and services among other similar search terms and items.

RREM Business Consulting is a uniquely defined virtual company that specializes in assisting individuals with marketing strategies for their startups, artist brand building and development byway of marketing and managing marketing platforms for their brands, companies, services and products.

There are some very important aspects you need to asses for your marketing strategies and campaign such as who is your target market, who is your target audience, what age ranges are you targeting and how will you drive the necessary traffic to your content? I previously did a short video on driving traffic to your site.

In the video, I go over multiple social platforms that are free to sign-up and utilize for your marketing needs. Everyone won’t use the same social media platforms because they don’t fit the needs of every marketing strategy. Email campaigns are an excellent way to to keep your new and current customers “in the know” about promotions, updates, and other great news about your company or brand.

Always remember, you don’t want to come across as spam or overwhelm your audience with redundant content that causes them to unsubscribe or unfollow your social media platforms.

So, take the time to sit down as an idnividual or with your team to determine what is right for your social media marketing stratgy. Put it on paper so you are able to see your path and how you plan on achieving your goals within your marketing campaigns. Most importantly, don’t let it stress you. Make it a fun and relaxing to bounce ideas around and see what works for you.

Have fun building your social media marketing strategy! You don’t have to spend thousands on a start-up marketing campaign. The most important thing is to do the research, test the theories, and spread the word about your passion!

Good Luck!




Analytics Oversight



You never really think about what happens after you create a website or social platform for your business. You just set it and forget it, and move on trying to drive traffic to your site and gain more customers. When starting a business, no one ever really thinks about the website and social analytics that help you gain insight into how productive and engaging your sites are.

Major companies hire webmasters, and invest in developers and software to collect the pertinent information necessary to analyze just how well their websites and social platforms are doing. Small businesses, business startups, and first time entreprenuers don’t really think about this aspect of business or marketing. How important are analytics to your business operations?

Take into consideration: If you don’t know how well or how poorly your website or social media platforms are performing, you really have no idea what to do to improve your conversion rates. Your conversion rates are defined by the percentage of users who take a desired interest in interacting with the content you post on your website and social platforms.

There are multiple tools and opportunities to learn how to improve conversion rates based on the data you collect and analyze for that purpose. Neil Patel is a gentleman I randomly found online one day while doing my own research based on my personal conversion analytics. Neil has a blog filled with a plethora of information and resources that not only help you build traffic and gain more sales but, the information actually works and a lot of it’s FREE!

I’ve attended a handful of Neil’s free webinars, and you really don’t have to sign up for anything if you don’t want to. But he shares so much information within these webinars that you can take away from and gain more insight into traffic building, higher conversion rates, more sales and so much more.

Google, Bing and other search engine providers such as Yahoo and DuckDuck Go have web master resources you can sign up for and they’re free. You use these resources for data collection on your verified sites. With this information you can learn what it takes to build a strong audience engagement for your web traffic. Which also brings in more sales!

A key element to strengthening those numbers in audience engagement byway of understanding your analytics is “customer centric content“. Okay. “Wait”, you say? What is customer centric content? Well basically, customer centric marketing focuses on what your target audience wants to read about or see. Based on what your business focus is, your products, services or brand. Are you engaging your audience with the appropriate conent?

Analytics are a major oversight when starting a business. You start a business, throw up a website, create some social platforms and then expect people to magically appear. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way. You have to invest in yourself and take what you’re doing seriously. You have to research, study, test and apply the theories and information you gain.

Don’t overlook those web analytics! They’re critical to how you build your customer platform and strengthen sales. So, if you just started a business and you’re an entreprenuer looking to enhance your marketing stratgies, just know there are multiple recources out here that can help you. How much are you willing to invest in what you chose to start?

– The sky isn’t the limit because it has no boundaries.


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