Music Artist Branding & Marketing


Music Branding and Marketing


Everyone loves music. There is so much passionate expression in music. Each song tells a story about some part of the artist’s life. You relate to specific songs and the lyrics because you can feel where the artist is coming from.

Each time an artist compiles a piece an investment is being made for the sound recording and studio time required to lay the vocals and tracks, and mix and master the complete compilation. Now that you have completed your sound track, how do you get your listeners to purchase or view your content?

Branding and marketing. Okay, in this article some of the aspects of branding and marketing in the music industry will be discussed. It doesn’t matter if you are an unsigned independent artist or an artist under a well-known brand such as Motown Records, Def Jam Recordings or Virgin Records.

It’s even more important for unsigned artists to understand branding and marketing then it is for major artists, because major artists have hired someone to do the work for them, or it comes with their contract signing under the major brand name.


A dream is just a dream until you turn it into a vision for the world to see.- Ife’ Miller


An artist isn’t just music, they’re a brand and a business industry as well. An “artist business modeling” strategy helps the artist build their brand by laying out goals and objectives to be achieved through their music career. The artist business plan devises strategies for long-term outcomes that best suit the artist’s genre and career path.

In doing so, the artist is now building their brand, and setting a marketing strategy to drive traffic to websites, social media platforms, music distribution platforms, downloads, and purchases.

Along with building an artist brand, there are options for digital distribution platforms, social media marketing, preparing and building the EPK (electronic press kit), and ensuring that prospects have readily available access to the artistry platform built for easy accessibility.

If you’re an avid Facebook user, there is an option to create “Pages” for business, artists or just to gain a strong Facebook following. Exhaust the resources to learn how to create a strong brand and marketing strategy based on the goals  you want to achieve.

Artist’s biographies are another aspect to building your brand and marketing yourself out to prospects. An artist bio is something you would include in your EPK so the prospects can learn more about who you are, your work ethic, how you started out, your hometown and so on.

As an artist, you get so caught up in the music you don’t realize there is more to the music then just recording your sound and lyrics. Take some time out each day to build your branding and marketing strategy to learn what options are available to you. There are also companies that can help you!

Remember to do as much research as possible to learn about all of the options available for branding and marketing. Some options are free, some are paid. You have to invest in yourself in order for other people to want to invest in you too. Start building your brand and marketing yourself out today. It’s never too late!

A dream is something you see when you’re asleep. Don’t let your dream remain only something you can see. Turn it into a vision for the world see.

Have fun building your brand and making your mark!

– Ife’


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