Be A Light: You Control Your Destiny


Don’t ever let anyone put out your light because they don’t know how to make theirs shine. Some people see the light that shines within you even when you don’t see it. And because of that, they will try to put out your light. There are people who will say malicious things against your character and to you, to prevent you from being as great as you were created to be.

Don’t give people that kind of power over your life. You are in control of your personal happiness. You are in control of your destiny. People who have lost hope for themselves will attempt to validate themselves in their jobs, material things, attention seeking behaviors and other people. This is not a true sense of happiness.

Spend time alone reflecting on where you are and where you currently stand. Appreciate the little things in life that are divine confirmations that you are on the right path in your life. Pay attention to the few voices that confirm your direction and path in life. It’s not the many voices that attempt to deter you from your greatness but, the few voices that confirm your steps.

No matter how pretty something is on the outside, sometimes it’s dark and ugly on the inside. Digression is a choice. Being unhappy is a choice. Even being negative is a choice. Don’t choose those things for your life. You have the ability to choose and control your destiny in a way that only you can manifest the life you choose to live.

There was a time, I too was guilty of allowing the negative things people said to me control the direction of my life, my potential and ability to grow into who I am created to be. I felt that due to many circumstances, I was helpless and did not control my path in life. But, there was a handful of people that showed the impact I had on their lives in such a fruitful and uplifting way. Those are the people that kept me going. Those are the people that helped me make the correct choices to control my destiny. My small events of “divine intervention”

You never realize how powerful you really are until you step away from the “norms’ and isolate into a place of true soul searching. It is true that “even destruction is a form of creation”. The old self has to be completely destroyed in order to produce the very beauty that lies within.

You control your destiny. Look deep within. You are created with everything you need to manifest the life you choose to live, despite the path you had to walk to get there. Let your light shine bright no matter what anyone says or does. You don’t control anyone else. You only control your response and the path you choose to walk into your destiny.

Surround yourself with people and things that align with your destiny.


Keep growing and glowing. Lyfe lessynz.



2 thoughts on “Be A Light: You Control Your Destiny

  1. Cqcq says:

    I so enjoyed the post. It was sent at a time I really needed to hear it. I had a rotten week, and today is the 11th anniversary of my mothers passing. Thanks for being in the world at this time. ✨Shine✨On✨Ife✨. Your friend, Karen Thurman

    Sent from my iPad



    • Lessynz says:

      You’re more than welcome my friend. My mom passed, as you know, on 11/11/2016. She didn’t want me to give up or stop fulfilling my purpose. I want to always do my best to help others. If I can reach one person at the end of each day, my purpose has been fulfilled.


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