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So, you created this wonderful website for whatever purpose. Right? How are you going to get people to see that wonderful website or the content on it? Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to how people are able to find your website, products or services offered in different search engines.

You have to understand what it takes to build a marketing strategy and campaign to first attract “web traffic” to your website. Once you start getting traffic, how are you going to get people to “engage” with your website? Analytics are necessary to see your conversation rates and website activity. How do you plan understanding web analytics and what would you use to do this? Do you have a “Landing Page” on your website?

A Landing Page basically gives a brief summary to your website encouraging your audience to engage or interact with your website content. You can include a booking form, email signup, or even a subscriber form to get people to signup to your site and news letters. Email Marketing campaigns are NOT dead in this technological era.

When the year turned into 2016, I decided to start a company that would provide an array of music and business services to people who have small businesses, are into entrepreneurship, or just want to create a simplistic, beautiful user friendly website for one reason or another. RREM Business Consulting even offers administrative virtual assistant services. Do you know how to “hyperlink” into active customer engagement?

However, if you already have a website you’ve created that doesn’t get much action, well hey..I am here to help with that too. RREM Business Consulting is a virtual based company that helps people like you who want to make some extra money or have one goal or another that you want to turn into a real vision and residual income.

I made a determination this evening to create a side of my Word Press that focuses on the types of services and topics that help every day people accomplish their goals into small business. I started my virtual company because I have a passion and desire to really help people despite what your finances might look like.

So, back to the topic of SEO before I stray too far off. Search Engine Optimization isn’t just making sure that people can find your website or products in a search engine such as Yahoo, Google or Bing. It’s an entire marketing strategy and campaign you create to gain traffic to your site, get customers to engage, and interact while actually purchasing your services and products.

I spent $90,000 to learn everything you don’t have to go to school and learn to become a small business owner and operator! Yep! You read right (lol). Had I known then what I know now, I really wouldn’t have gone to college at all. Especially because I’m a “Life Learner” always learning new things every day!

All of the case studies I completed proved that most monopoly holders aren’t even college grads. Sucks for me lol. But it doesn’t have to suck for YOU. I am here to help!

Stop on over to RREM Business Consulting and sign up to our newsletter for updates and promos, and learn more about what the company does and how it can help you make your dreams a vision for the world to see. Schedule your FREE consultation online for more information about the services we offer and how we can align your goals for accomplishment.


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