Dealing With Angry People

You ever ran across some angry people in your life, people who are so angry they lash out at everything and everyone surrounding them? Angry people are everywhere you turn in life. Racist people are angry people. Hurt people are angry people. People who dislike other based on biased reasoning are angry people, and people with dark pasts or who are secretive are also angry people. Resolve starts within self. Please, understand that angry peoples anger is not your direct problem unless of course, you make their issues your problem.

Recently encountering an angry, severely hurt person I learned some valuable life lessons. First, angry people are hurt people. You will never know why they are angry or hurt unless you take time to understand and exercise empathy to help them get to the source of why they are so angry. Rooting. Rooting is the ability to get to the root on an internal issue and remove it so it’s no longer impeding.

However, until the individual is ready to associate with the cause of their anger the problem will never be completely resolved. I’ve had a gift to identify the root cause of issues in others as well as myself since my youth. Once identifying the issue(s), next work must be put in to release the issue that has been suppressed for so long. Suppressing is stuffing things down inside of yourself and not wanting to deal with your issues. Release is the ability to identify, acknowledge, accept and change yourself thus creating the release.

Secondly, and most importantly, angry people who lash are “raging” in the moment due to “issue suppression.” Instead of acknowledging, accepting, healing and moving on, these angry people continue to push one problem after the next down into themselves until they are literally a walking time bomb ready to explode. Something simple as the wrong facial expression can and will cause them to explode, and it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

I have learned while encountering these life experiences that sometimes the greatest victory is doing nothing at all. When a person rages out of anger and internal personal issues, you have to first inform yourself that what the person is doing or saying is ‘not’ personal. Thereafter, you must negate the situation by calming the episode. Create no resistance, do not feed negative energy into an already negative situation and the moment will soon pass.

It is true the saying “a fire with no fuel has no flame.” It can be a challenge when facing an angry person. Through experience, I have learned to feed positive energy into a negative situation or no energy into the angry persona at all. This applies to any situation in your life. You can’t get ahead if you keep allowing yourself to fall behind. One statement to stay away from that can become dangerous is “I understand.” No. You don’t understand because unless you have been in that person’s shoes or you are that person “I understand” can turn into a battle statement.

Battle statements invoke more anger, and add fuel to the flames that are already raging. The best thing you can say to an angry person are positive statements such as “I’ll give you some space right now,” “it’s okay to be angry, you are human,” or “I’m not sure why you are angry but if you want we can talk about it.” These are winning statements in a sense that you are remaining calm and showing you want to help the situation and not hurt it.

Remember. In the face of an angry person that you have not angered: stay calm, do not feed negative energy into a negative situation, and use winning statements to negate the negative energy and turn the situation into a positive ending. It’s not personal!

Stay growing and glowing. Peace to all.

– Lessynz


4 thoughts on “Dealing With Angry People

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    I do agree with all the concepts you’ve introduced to your
    post. They’re really convincing and will definitely work.

    Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for newbies.
    Could you please prolong them a little from next time?
    Thank you for the post.

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