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So, you created this wonderful website for whatever purpose. Right? How are you going to get people to see that wonderful website or the content on it? Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to how people are able to find your website, products or services offered in different search engines.

You have to understand what it takes to build a marketing strategy and campaign to first attract “web traffic” to your website. Once you start getting traffic, how are you going to get people to “engage” with your website? Analytics are necessary to see your conversation rates and website activity. How do you plan understanding web analytics and what would you use to do this? Do you have a “Landing Page” on your website?

A Landing Page basically gives a brief summary to your website encouraging your audience to engage or interact with your website content. You can include a booking form, email signup, or even a subscriber form to get people to signup to your site and news letters. Email Marketing campaigns are NOT dead in this technological era.

When the year turned into 2016, I decided to start a company that would provide an array of music and business services to people who have small businesses, are into entrepreneurship, or just want to create a simplistic, beautiful user friendly website for one reason or another. RREM Business Consulting even offers administrative virtual assistant services. Do you know how to “hyperlink” into active customer engagement?

However, if you already have a website you’ve created that doesn’t get much action, well hey..I am here to help with that too. RREM Business Consulting is a virtual based company that helps people like you who want to make some extra money or have one goal or another that you want to turn into a real vision and residual income.

I made a determination this evening to create a side of my Word Press that focuses on the types of services and topics that help every day people accomplish their goals into small business. I started my virtual company because I have a passion and desire to really help people despite what your finances might look like.

So, back to the topic of SEO before I stray too far off. Search Engine Optimization isn’t just making sure that people can find your website or products in a search engine such as Yahoo, Google or Bing. It’s an entire marketing strategy and campaign you create to gain traffic to your site, get customers to engage, and interact while actually purchasing your services and products.

I spent $90,000 to learn everything you don’t have to go to school and learn to become a small business owner and operator! Yep! You read right (lol). Had I known then what I know now, I really wouldn’t have gone to college at all. Especially because I’m a “Life Learner” always learning new things every day!

All of the case studies I completed proved that most monopoly holders aren’t even college grads. Sucks for me lol. But it doesn’t have to suck for YOU. I am here to help!

Stop on over to RREM Business Consulting and sign up to our newsletter for updates and promos, and learn more about what the company does and how it can help you make your dreams a vision for the world to see. Schedule your FREE consultation online for more information about the services we offer and how we can align your goals for accomplishment.


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Never Defeated

never defeated


Everyone isn’t born with a silver spoon. Most people come from a dark past.Some know how to use that past to their advantage, and some fall victim to their pains. It’s all up to you. What you choose for your life, and the direction you want to go is the only determining factor in your outcomes. What will you choose? Just know it’s never too late, and you’re never too old to take your life where you want it go.

My grandmother was one of the most influential and wisest woman I’ve ever encountered in my life. She wasn’t in my lie long; seen years to be precise. But in that time she told me, “Fe-Fe, you were created for greatness”. She said, “You may not think so right now. And, I know it seems like life has been so unkind. But you are going to be a great influence on many people.”

Mind you, I was only 18 when she spoke those words to me. I had just transitioned from Oakland, California to New Orleans, Louisiana. Major life change and culture shock! Due to unforeseen childhood circumstances, I spent 10 years of my life growing up as a ward of the court in the State of California. Mind you, I don’t share it for the sake of pity but more so for the sake of victory.

I’ve always been an optimist despite anything I’ve encountered in life. But, I learned with time to even see the positive in the midst of the most life changing situations. 22 years ago, I would have never been able to see the vision my grandmother saw for me, and spoke into life. I was pain filled and challenged from every side. I barely had any hope for a real future, family or life for myself.

But, it was as if my grandmother saw and knew something I could never fathom in that moment in a million years. 22 years later, I have started my own company I will be expanding into 7 locations throughout Greater Houston, I have the love of my life – my twin flame, I have beautiful children I love so much, I am a three time college graduate and have a nice home in a North Side Houston suburb.

I had so many people throughout my life attempt to tell me what I would not, or could not be. I was surrounded by so many instances and people that attempted to kill my spirit, vision and future. But my grandmother knew somehow, life had other plans for me. I am not defeated. I took back the power of so many who spoke negativity over my life.

I realized through a spiritual journey to oneness in self, that I am far more powerful than others led me to believe. That brings us to the initial point of this blog. I wrote this for anyone who is undergoing an internal battle between self, and what you want or used to want in life.

You are stronger then you think. You are wiser then you know. You just have to get back to oneness within self. It took time for me to learn, in order to get closer to God, I had to get closer to myself. I accomplished that through dealing with internal past issues that prevented me from developing my greatest potential. And guess what? You can to. Know that you are “never defeated”.

There are so many paths to oneness in self by way of external influences, religion, society, family and friends. Sometimes, you have to isolate and find your own path to grow and manifest your greatest desires. Stay tuned. There is more to come. You are as I am…Greatness.


Stay Growing and Glowing


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Many people suffer the issue of self-love despite what they look like on the outside or what they have or don’t have. You get up every day and put your “pretty” or your “handsome” on, step into your nicest clothes, shoes, and favorite scent and head out for your day. But, deep inside you don’t love yourself as you should. You’re just putting on a front to hide the pain you don’t want anyone to see. Many of us have been there a time or four.

Self-love is the ability to love yourself in your entirety. Can you get up in the nude and look at yourself in the mirror and love exactly who you are, just the way you are, flaws and all for everything you see standing before you? You may have a gap in your teeth that others find unattractive, or stretch marks from childbirth, or other perfect imperfections that someone else defines as being something distasteful or unattractive but they are a part of who you are.

Do you love exactly who you are despite what you have or may not have? This is also part of your self-love image. Do you love the broadness of your nose, or the spaces in your teeth? Do you love the slew-foot walk you have or dimples in your knees? Do you love yourself and your life even though you may not have the expensive clothes and car, or high paying job? Do you love yourself with or without money and material things? Are you validated by yourself or by what other people think of you? Your self-love is defined by what you think and feel about yourself?

It’s not abnormal in this day and age to still suffer the regression of not loving yourself completely for who you are. Society has built an ugly image of what acceptance and self love should be. It’s not right. Self-love has a wide spectrum it covers. People who love themselves won’t even partake in self-destructive habits such as drinking, smoking, eating foods bad for you, or even different types of drug use.

You would easily assume that you love yourself to your fullest extent. But there are behaviors and patterns picked up throughout time, that leave you in a place of not really completely loving yourself. But, when you take a close look at yourself and behavior patterns, you realize maybe there are some thing I actually need to improve in your degrees of “self-love.”

There are things that put you in a place of a lack of self-love even when you think you do love yourself. Some of these examples include but are not limited to, overeating, drug or alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, knowing that you have health issues and not doing what you’re supposed to do to maintain your health issues, overindulging in poor habits that leave you not properly rested, and so on.

What type of habits have you accumulated over the years that would not be inclusive to what self-love actually is? Are there things that you are doing that cut down on your degrees of self-love? Take a closer look into your life, and ask yourself are there things you can improve about yourself that would raise your ability to love yourself completely?




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Health & Wellness

The Miseducation of HIV/AIDS

Many people make incorrect assumptions about both HIV and AIDS because they are caught up in the verbiage and not the actual history and research of how one (HIV) becomes the other  (AIDS), or what the disorders actually do to the body. Life surrounding you is filled with multiple types of distractions: HIV and AIDS being a part of many of those distractions prevents you from seeing in depth how you are being mislead in many factors. They say knowledge is power, but knowledge doesn’t come from education, it comes from retention and research.

HIV: Defined and described as the “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” HIV falls in the category of lentiviruses. A lentivirus is any virus that delays the onset of the outcome despite when the virus was contracted. Basically a lentivirus is nothing more than a slowly progressing, fatal virus (or what is presumed to be fatal). Crazy thing about it, Cancer, HIV and AIDS are the most common lentiviruses all induced by mankind.

AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. The only differentiating factor between HIV and AIDS is you are diagnosed with AIDS when your CD4 (cluster of differentiation 4) cell count drops below 200. What  could this potentially mean for those with the virus? If you can maintain a healthy CD4 cell count of 200 or above, you can potentially beat the virus itself. Your immune system is the key factor in fighting off, killing and riding your body of any infectious disease despite what you are being told. Infection comes from sick blood cells. Your T-cells actually destroy these sick cells that form periodically in your body.

What exactly are your CD4 (cluster of differentiation 4) cells, and why should the count be 200 or above?

Well, had you paid attention in basic middle school and high school biology, you would know the answer to both of these questions. CD4 is a molecular compound found on the surface of your T – Cells or your white blood cells which is an active glycoprotein. This is where important cell to cell interactions come into play in your body building your immune system compromised of t-cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, and monocytes. There is an encoding of the cd4 cell from the cd4 gene. So, it’s all  molecular genetics of human biology and the function of your immune system.

If I find a way to destroy the necessary surface compound for cell to cell interactions within the immune system of the main molecular components required to fight and destroy pathogens, I destroy you. Make sense so far? Okay. Moving forward…

Why does the CD4 T-Cell count need to be 200 or higher?

If you have a T-Cell count of 200 or less, your immune system isn’t capable of fighting something as simple as a common cold. It will kill you. A T-cell count of 200+ grants your immune system the ability to continue building its army of white blood cells required to fight off infection and other diseases. If the count drops below 200, the body is incapable of reproducing that cell-to-cell interaction required to continue producing white blood cells (t-cells, lymphocytes, also known as helper cells).

If these lymphocytes are reduced, they also cause lymphoma cancer which is another outcome of contracting HIV/AIDS. Lymphoma cancer is one of the most common cancers caused by long term HIV/AIDS carrying. So, the granzymes within the t-cells actually kill off diseased cells within the body. This is how you are able to fight off the common cold and other viruses contracted.

Anything you don’t understand here, I encourage you to look up because it over extends the length and read of the article taking away from the main point.

Overtime, HIV breaks down the immune system in such a way that it can no longer protect the body from minute infections like colds, flus, or someone simply coughing in your direction. Thus, developing into the AIDS syndrome which mind you, AIDS DOES NOT KILL YOU. Other health complications due the destroyed immune system are what actually kill a person who have developed AIDS.

So, how can you overcome and defeat this proclaimed “no cure virus/disease” you ask? Exercise, eat healthy, and ensure 90% of your fluid intake is water. Simple as that. It doesn’t take rocket science. Most people don’t maintain a healthy diet anyway which is reason for multiple other health complications that progress with time.

Sea cucumber actually kills 95% of various cancer cells found in the body which are triggered to grow at any given time or stage in your life. Common known fact: everyone has cancer cells living in their body. It just takes something to trigger the growth of the cells which produce specific types of cancer. Same goes for HIV/AIDS though, you don’t have this growing in you, but you can beat it just like anything else. Resort to what’s natural and stop following doctor’s orders because doctors are into a practice for a reason. Not even they know half of what they are diagnosing and doing.

There are many natural foods you were meant to eat within the fruits. Herbs and vegetables that you are deterred from that actually allow you to live the healthiest and best life possible. So while you are perusing Facebook, and doing absolutely nothing but playing games on your phone or being a couch potato, put that internet to good use. You ‘are’ paying that high bill aren’t you? Well, get the best use from it!

Educate yourself in things of which you don’t understand or know. It could allow you to live the full extent of your life, including those you love. Nothing saves as life, as all life cycles must come to an end. Be careful of the verbiage you allow to contaminate your mindset and thoughts. Not knowing is what steals your life expectancy and distracts you from loving yourself and those around you.

Keep growing and glowing 🙂

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Expectation is the Root of All Hurt

Most times, the people who hurt you with their actions and words are the people you actually love and care about, and who you want to love and care about you. Other times, when you are already overwhelmed in your personal life, people you don’t know can say or do something that sends you into an emotional breakdown.

“I almost let you make me cry and then I realized, this is who you’ve always been towards me.”

Expectation is the root of all hurt. You expect someone to be kind because you are kind. You expect someone to be generous because you are generous. You expect someone to be compassionate because you are compassionate. You expect someone to be polite because you have been polite to them. You expect someone to love you the way you love them. You expect someone to do for you what you do for them.

You can’t expect someone else to be who you are because they aren’t you. But you do have the ability to limit your accessibility to people who are nothing like you. In Christianity, you are taught to do unto others as they do unto you. But it’s simply not the case, or how things in life actually work. Just because you are kind doesn’t mean someone else will be kind to you. Just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean you have to hurt them. The law of attraction is real.

The energy you harbor and put out into the YOUniverse will be drawn back into your life. Sometimes no response is your strongest response. Sometimes a positive response to a negative projection is your greatest directive. You can still speak out and defend yourself in the midst of hurt without projecting negative energy or eliciting a negative rebuttal toward the person. You can’t control anyone else, but you can control how you choose to respond in negative or hurtful situations.

Remove the programmed assumption and act of placing expectation, and you remove the depth you give a person to hurt you. If you change your perception of someone’s words and actions towards you, you change how you feel in the outcome. Most people who hurt you are misdirecting their own hurt and anger. Understand, when someone hurts you, most times it has nothing to do with you at all. It’s their own personal issues they are battling with.

You can’t save everyone. The most important person you will ever save in life is yourself. Again, remove the act of applying expectations from others and you control the outcomes better then you can imagine. It takes time and practice to get used to removing expectations in a society that teaches you to expect much. But it can be done, and it is possible. Most emotional sufferance in life is caused by not being able to change your perception on the situation at hand.

What you choose to invest your thoughts and energy in, you become. Instead of focusing on the hurt inflicted while placing expectation, focus your time and energy on things you enjoy such as listening to uplifting music, reading, writing, playing a game you enjoy, and so on. Focus on things that bring you joy, and you’ll forgot about the people and things that caused you hurt.



Pretty MeAbout the author: Currently residing in Houston, Texas, Ms. Ife’ Miller is a loving and doting mother, self-published author, periodic blogger, inspirational quote writer, poetic writer, LGBT Columnist for Lez Elegance Magazine, and voice for injustice. She is the founder and CEO of Rugrat Entertainment Management & Business Consulting, an organization created to protect and educate independent artists while creating business goals, and long-term management solutions with effective outcomes.


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Women’s Health

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Women’s health is extremely important to your everyday functionality. There is nothing better than being in tune with yourself. A lot of women are not familiar with different types of women’s health issues, and don’t take heed to warning signs until it’s almost too late. This article addresses an unfamiliar woman’s health issue, that affects multiple women in their lifetime. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) needs more awareness, and educational information on the disorder. This article aims to achieve that.

PCOS affects more than 200,000 women per year. Many women are not familiar with what this disorder until a thorough diagnosis is completed. There currently is no known cure for this disorder but, there are ways to treat the symptoms to help one deal with the disorder. The disorder can last for many years or can last a lifetime.


There currently is no known reason for why this condition exists. But it is believed that PCOS is genetic and can occur due to environmental factors. The common symptoms of PCOS are acne, obesity, excess hair growth, and menstrual irregularity. The different types of treatment available for PCOS are the use of metformin to prevent diabetes, birth control to regulate menstrual cycle, statins to control high cholesterol, procedures to control excess hair growth, and hormones to increase fertility.

PCOS symptom diagram

The disorder causes enlarged ovaries and multiple cyst formations on the ovaries and sometimes uterus. Some women also experience heavy periods, light or short periods, spotting or no period at all. Others experience weight gain, obesity, or being overweight. Oily skin or acne are other effects of PCOS. Other commonalities are abnormal male features such as excess growth of facial hair such as moustache or beard hair, depression, loss of scalp hair, infertility, irregular uterine bleeding, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.


Please consult a doctor for medical advice if you are experiencing any of these health conditions or symptoms. Enough emphasis is never placed on how important women’s health is. PCOS affects 1 in every 10 women. Pay attention to your body, it will always let you know when something is wrong.

Bullying is Back with a Vengeance!

It’s prom season, and all the young ladies and men are getting geared up in their best to celebrate prom. We all love to see these young men and women dress up and show off their uniquely expressed gowns, dresses and suits. However, it has been noticeable that a couple young ladies in different states have been degraded for either being plus-sized for wearing prom gowns that “others” deem inappropriate for their figures.

One young lady, Tayja Jones-Banks was ridiculed for her appearance at prom, which mind you was very beautiful and lady like for her presentation at prom. Hair, dress and makeup was on fleek! She was excited to go to prom, and was dressed in her best. Her prom date was a well-dressed handsome young man. Yet, her Facebook page displayed comments of regret for attending prom because she was ridiculed and bullied by her peers.

tayja facebook comments

Tayja wore a hot number to prom this year. She wore a beautiful black dress with sheer overlay on the black skirt, and the bodice covered in multicolored sequences that cascaded down the skirt front, accented by a lovely draping neckline. Her date accompanied her simply dressed in a sleek and clean cut grey suit with black button-down that didn’t take away from Tayja’s shine. The pair looked quite attractive! So what was all the hubbub about?

tayja and prom date

Tayja has since deactivated her Facebook account, but a page has been erected in its place to create a platform of support for this young lady, and to stop acts of bullying. The “About” section of her page reads, “I was made fun of because I thought I looked pretty and people bullied me I hate people.” Tayja is a beautiful young lady with her own cute, and unique style of dress, and her prom dress was absolutely gorgeous. The support that has come from all over has been amazing.

tayja in prom dress

Another page was also erected on Facebook to show support for her in her time of need. It’s amazing the support, and love that can come from some of life’s hardships when you least expect it.

In Another Part of the Country…

Another young lady who goes by the name Amy, residing in Tennessee, went to prom in a beautifully clad gown of beige, the bodice is covered in an elegant black lace design with a sheer black skirt overlay. One of her teachers told her, “Us big girls have to cover up.” As an adult, you should never tear a child down or discourage them in any way. What could have possessed this woman to tell this beautiful young lady her gown was inappropriate and too revealing? Amy was rejected at the door and refused the opportunity to attend her prom reason being, her dress was too revealing. But, it wasn’t.

Amy Prom_1461791016651_1231402_ver1.0

The teenaged years are a time in a young adult’s life where they are finding their place, and creating their personal identities. Peers and adults should take part in establishing comfortable environments for the youth to find their place in. We live in a time an era where the media, music and marketing project an ill-defined image of what beauty should look like. We as a society need to heal this bullying process and cultivate an atmosphere that anyone can be comfortably accepted in.

Bullying is a serious act of hate against others. It creates severe depression, suicidal tendencies, and other psychological and emotional issues within society creating a stressful life for others to live. The world needs to regain its sense of empathy and compassion for other life forces. We live on a highly debilitating and destructive platform of everyone transforming to uphold someone else’s image of what being accepted and loved should be. Stop the hate. Stop bullying and teaching bullying.



Tayja Jones-Banks Public Figure Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tayja-Jones-Banks-973922226060178/

Tayja Jones – Banks Public Figure Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tayja-Jones-banks-1723020211303234/?fref=ts

Fox 29 News: Student Shamed for wearing ‘Too Revealing’ Dress to Prom http://www.fox29.com/news/135214434-story


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Long & Short Term Effects of Abuse


Abuse is not limited to who it affects, and no form of abuse is okay by any means. There are several types of abuse one can endure from physical, sexual, mental, emotional and psychological, abandonment and neglect, self-neglect, and even material and financial manipulation. Many people have undergone some form of abuse or another in their lifetime.

A lot of people hide the fact they’ve been abused out of shame, risk of judgement or ridicule and speculation, or denial of being helped or “saved” from the abuser. Some are even afraid to leave their abusers. No one is isolated from abuse. Not children, young adults, adults or the elderly. Abuse does not discriminate.

Most abusers have been subject to a form of abuse which has caused the dysfunctional behavior of an abuser. It may not justify the abuse but it does clarify the reason for abuse. Some people are abusers and don’t even realize they’re abusing others because it’s abnormal behavior they’ve learned or been taught by the other people have treated them. Many times it starts from childhood.

I am guilty of becoming an abuser without realizing I was abusive to others. From a child, I was exposed to a volatile environment. A child’s very first communication and social development skills are learned from the parents or adults taking part in raising the child. If a child is in an environment filled with verbal and physical abuse, the child will begin to mimic the communication and behaviors at some point.

From that point forward, social and developmental skills are expressed by the child through mimicking what has been learned from the parents, and home environment. So how does this affect the short term? A child either becomes introverted and withdrawn, or the child turns into a bully. How does it affect the long term of social and communication development?

As you develop your own social circles, and intimate relationships the source of your learned behaviors show the effects on how you react in all types of communication processes and social settings. For example, your intimate relationships can become verbally abusive and hostile, or you become accustomed to individuals who verbally abuse and control you. Either way there are dysfunctional behaviors and patterns which are picked up from being exposed to abuse of any kind.

Other long term effects of abuse come in the form of drug and alcohol addictions, retail therapy, and other forms of self-medicating coping mechanisms. I learned through my own experiences of being exposed to abuse at an early age that, I too had become an abuser in my own way. It took a bit of time for me to realize that despite how beautiful a heart I have, and how giving a person I am, I too had been an abuser that used to abuse others.

Learning the source of why I was the way I was, I begin to correct the issues and root out the cause of the behaviors. Learning to change and grow from traumatically impacting situations is necessary to become free of the bondage created by people and environments that influence you to become who you are today. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just means it’s time to take accountability and responsibility for your actions and change them.

Keep Growing and Glowing


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