Just Me



Ms. Ife’ Miller; first name pronounced E-faye, pen name Lessynz aka Lyfe Lessynz is a loving an doting mother and partner, Rottweiler lover, self published author gifted with the ability to bring words to life with color through poetic and written expression.

She is a poetic, self – published  author of Metamorphosis of a Butterfly: Collaborations of My Mind (available on Amazon and direct from LuLu), and developing works: Whispers in the Dark, And Then She Became, and Lyfe Lessynz. Ms. Miller is CEO of RREM Business Consulting in conjunction with RREMBC Web Design.

Born second child of three girls to Diane M. Pierce and Frank C. Miller in Norwalk, CT, grew up into her teen years in the Bay Area of California, and became a woman and mother in New Orleans, LA. Ife’ has beaten the odds in more ways then one. Three time graduate of University of Phoenix holding an AABA, BASBA, and a Masters in Management, she currently resides and operates her businesses in Northern  Houston, Texas.

Life didn’t start out as best it could but Ife’ has excelled above and beyond in her personal accomplishments, and feats in life. This blog is a diversified platform of different topics she enjoys writing on.

Welcome and enjoy, like, share and comment. Please keep it positive and respectful. We ‘can’ agree to disagree.

Stay glowing and growing. Peace to all.


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