Never Defeated

never defeated


Everyone isn’t born with a silver spoon. Most people come from a dark past.Some know how to use that past to their advantage, and some fall victim to their pains. It’s all up to you. What you choose for your life, and the direction you want to go is the only determining factor in your outcomes. What will you choose? Just know it’s never too late, and you’re never too old to take your life where you want it go.

My grandmother was one of the most influential and wisest woman I’ve ever encountered in my life. She wasn’t in my lie long; seen years to be precise. But in that time she told me, “Fe-Fe, you were created for greatness”. She said, “You may not think so right now. And, I know it seems like life has been so unkind. But you are going to be a great influence on many people.”

Mind you, I was only 18 when she spoke those words to me. I had just transitioned from Oakland, California to New Orleans, Louisiana. Major life change and culture shock! Due to unforeseen childhood circumstances, I spent 10 years of my life growing up as a ward of the court in the State of California. Mind you, I don’t share it for the sake of pity but more so for the sake of victory.

I’ve always been an optimist despite anything I’ve encountered in life. But, I learned with time to even see the positive in the midst of the most life changing situations. 22 years ago, I would have never been able to see the vision my grandmother saw for me, and spoke into life. I was pain filled and challenged from every side. I barely had any hope for a real future, family or life for myself.

But, it was as if my grandmother saw and knew something I could never fathom in that moment in a million years. 22 years later, I have started my own company I will be expanding into 7 locations throughout Greater Houston, I have the love of my life – my twin flame, I have beautiful children I love so much, I am a three time college graduate and have a nice home in a North Side Houston suburb.

I had so many people throughout my life attempt to tell me what I would not, or could not be. I was surrounded by so many instances and people that attempted to kill my spirit, vision and future. But my grandmother knew somehow, life had other plans for me. I am not defeated. I took back the power of so many who spoke negativity over my life.

I realized through a spiritual journey to oneness in self, that I am far more powerful than others led me to believe. That brings us to the initial point of this blog. I wrote this for anyone who is undergoing an internal battle between self, and what you want or used to want in life.

You are stronger then you think. You are wiser then you know. You just have to get back to oneness within self. It took time for me to learn, in order to get closer to God, I had to get closer to myself. I accomplished that through dealing with internal past issues that prevented me from developing my greatest potential. And guess what? You can to. Know that you are “never defeated”.

There are so many paths to oneness in self by way of external influences, religion, society, family and friends. Sometimes, you have to isolate and find your own path to grow and manifest your greatest desires. Stay tuned. There is more to come. You are as I am…Greatness.


Stay Growing and Glowing


Lyfe Lessynz

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