Many people suffer the issue of self-love despite what they look like on the outside or what they have or don’t have. You get up every day and put your “pretty” or your “handsome” on, step into your nicest clothes, shoes, and favorite scent and head out for your day. But, deep inside you don’t love yourself as you should. You’re just putting on a front to hide the pain you don’t want anyone to see. Many of us have been there a time or four.

Self-love is the ability to love yourself in your entirety. Can you get up in the nude and look at yourself in the mirror and love exactly who you are, just the way you are, flaws and all for everything you see standing before you? You may have a gap in your teeth that others find unattractive, or stretch marks from childbirth, or other perfect imperfections that someone else defines as being something distasteful or unattractive but they are a part of who you are.

Do you love exactly who you are despite what you have or may not have? This is also part of your self-love image. Do you love the broadness of your nose, or the spaces in your teeth? Do you love the slew-foot walk you have or dimples in your knees? Do you love yourself and your life even though you may not have the expensive clothes and car, or high paying job? Do you love yourself with or without money and material things? Are you validated by yourself or by what other people think of you? Your self-love is defined by what you think and feel about yourself?

It’s not abnormal in this day and age to still suffer the regression of not loving yourself completely for who you are. Society has built an ugly image of what acceptance and self love should be. It’s not right. Self-love has a wide spectrum it covers. People who love themselves won’t even partake in self-destructive habits such as drinking, smoking, eating foods bad for you, or even different types of drug use.

You would easily assume that you love yourself to your fullest extent. But there are behaviors and patterns picked up throughout time, that leave you in a place of not really completely loving yourself. But, when you take a close look at yourself and behavior patterns, you realize maybe there are some thing I actually need to improve in your degrees of “self-love.”

There are things that put you in a place of a lack of self-love even when you think you do love yourself. Some of these examples include but are not limited to, overeating, drug or alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, knowing that you have health issues and not doing what you’re supposed to do to maintain your health issues, overindulging in poor habits that leave you not properly rested, and so on.

What type of habits have you accumulated over the years that would not be inclusive to what self-love actually is? Are there things that you are doing that cut down on your degrees of self-love? Take a closer look into your life, and ask yourself are there things you can improve about yourself that would raise your ability to love yourself completely?




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