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The Miseducation of HIV/AIDS

Many people make incorrect assumptions about both HIV and AIDS because they are caught up in the verbiage and not the actual history and research of how one (HIV) becomes the other  (AIDS), or what the disorders actually do to the body. Life surrounding you is filled with multiple types of distractions: HIV and AIDS being a part of many of those distractions prevents you from seeing in depth how you are being mislead in many factors. They say knowledge is power, but knowledge doesn’t come from education, it comes from retention and research.

HIV: Defined and described as the “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” HIV falls in the category of lentiviruses. A lentivirus is any virus that delays the onset of the outcome despite when the virus was contracted. Basically a lentivirus is nothing more than a slowly progressing, fatal virus (or what is presumed to be fatal). Crazy thing about it, Cancer, HIV and AIDS are the most common lentiviruses all induced by mankind.

AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. The only differentiating factor between HIV and AIDS is you are diagnosed with AIDS when your CD4 (cluster of differentiation 4) cell count drops below 200. What  could this potentially mean for those with the virus? If you can maintain a healthy CD4 cell count of 200 or above, you can potentially beat the virus itself. Your immune system is the key factor in fighting off, killing and riding your body of any infectious disease despite what you are being told. Infection comes from sick blood cells. Your T-cells actually destroy these sick cells that form periodically in your body.

What exactly are your CD4 (cluster of differentiation 4) cells, and why should the count be 200 or above?

Well, had you paid attention in basic middle school and high school biology, you would know the answer to both of these questions. CD4 is a molecular compound found on the surface of your T – Cells or your white blood cells which is an active glycoprotein. This is where important cell to cell interactions come into play in your body building your immune system compromised of t-cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, and monocytes. There is an encoding of the cd4 cell from the cd4 gene. So, it’s all  molecular genetics of human biology and the function of your immune system.

If I find a way to destroy the necessary surface compound for cell to cell interactions within the immune system of the main molecular components required to fight and destroy pathogens, I destroy you. Make sense so far? Okay. Moving forward…

Why does the CD4 T-Cell count need to be 200 or higher?

If you have a T-Cell count of 200 or less, your immune system isn’t capable of fighting something as simple as a common cold. It will kill you. A T-cell count of 200+ grants your immune system the ability to continue building its army of white blood cells required to fight off infection and other diseases. If the count drops below 200, the body is incapable of reproducing that cell-to-cell interaction required to continue producing white blood cells (t-cells, lymphocytes, also known as helper cells).

If these lymphocytes are reduced, they also cause lymphoma cancer which is another outcome of contracting HIV/AIDS. Lymphoma cancer is one of the most common cancers caused by long term HIV/AIDS carrying. So, the granzymes within the t-cells actually kill off diseased cells within the body. This is how you are able to fight off the common cold and other viruses contracted.

Anything you don’t understand here, I encourage you to look up because it over extends the length and read of the article taking away from the main point.

Overtime, HIV breaks down the immune system in such a way that it can no longer protect the body from minute infections like colds, flus, or someone simply coughing in your direction. Thus, developing into the AIDS syndrome which mind you, AIDS DOES NOT KILL YOU. Other health complications due the destroyed immune system are what actually kill a person who have developed AIDS.

So, how can you overcome and defeat this proclaimed “no cure virus/disease” you ask? Exercise, eat healthy, and ensure 90% of your fluid intake is water. Simple as that. It doesn’t take rocket science. Most people don’t maintain a healthy diet anyway which is reason for multiple other health complications that progress with time.

Sea cucumber actually kills 95% of various cancer cells found in the body which are triggered to grow at any given time or stage in your life. Common known fact: everyone has cancer cells living in their body. It just takes something to trigger the growth of the cells which produce specific types of cancer. Same goes for HIV/AIDS though, you don’t have this growing in you, but you can beat it just like anything else. Resort to what’s natural and stop following doctor’s orders because doctors are into a practice for a reason. Not even they know half of what they are diagnosing and doing.

There are many natural foods you were meant to eat within the fruits. Herbs and vegetables that you are deterred from that actually allow you to live the healthiest and best life possible. So while you are perusing Facebook, and doing absolutely nothing but playing games on your phone or being a couch potato, put that internet to good use. You ‘are’ paying that high bill aren’t you? Well, get the best use from it!

Educate yourself in things of which you don’t understand or know. It could allow you to live the full extent of your life, including those you love. Nothing saves as life, as all life cycles must come to an end. Be careful of the verbiage you allow to contaminate your mindset and thoughts. Not knowing is what steals your life expectancy and distracts you from loving yourself and those around you.

Keep growing and glowing 🙂

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