Bullying is Back with a Vengeance!

It’s prom season, and all the young ladies and men are getting geared up in their best to celebrate prom. We all love to see these young men and women dress up and show off their uniquely expressed gowns, dresses and suits. However, it has been noticeable that a couple young ladies in different states have been degraded for either being plus-sized for wearing prom gowns that “others” deem inappropriate for their figures.

One young lady, Tayja Jones-Banks was ridiculed for her appearance at prom, which mind you was very beautiful and lady like for her presentation at prom. Hair, dress and makeup was on fleek! She was excited to go to prom, and was dressed in her best. Her prom date was a well-dressed handsome young man. Yet, her Facebook page displayed comments of regret for attending prom because she was ridiculed and bullied by her peers.

tayja facebook comments

Tayja wore a hot number to prom this year. She wore a beautiful black dress with sheer overlay on the black skirt, and the bodice covered in multicolored sequences that cascaded down the skirt front, accented by a lovely draping neckline. Her date accompanied her simply dressed in a sleek and clean cut grey suit with black button-down that didn’t take away from Tayja’s shine. The pair looked quite attractive! So what was all the hubbub about?

tayja and prom date

Tayja has since deactivated her Facebook account, but a page has been erected in its place to create a platform of support for this young lady, and to stop acts of bullying. The “About” section of her page reads, “I was made fun of because I thought I looked pretty and people bullied me I hate people.” Tayja is a beautiful young lady with her own cute, and unique style of dress, and her prom dress was absolutely gorgeous. The support that has come from all over has been amazing.

tayja in prom dress

Another page was also erected on Facebook to show support for her in her time of need. It’s amazing the support, and love that can come from some of life’s hardships when you least expect it.

In Another Part of the Country…

Another young lady who goes by the name Amy, residing in Tennessee, went to prom in a beautifully clad gown of beige, the bodice is covered in an elegant black lace design with a sheer black skirt overlay. One of her teachers told her, “Us big girls have to cover up.” As an adult, you should never tear a child down or discourage them in any way. What could have possessed this woman to tell this beautiful young lady her gown was inappropriate and too revealing? Amy was rejected at the door and refused the opportunity to attend her prom reason being, her dress was too revealing. But, it wasn’t.

Amy Prom_1461791016651_1231402_ver1.0

The teenaged years are a time in a young adult’s life where they are finding their place, and creating their personal identities. Peers and adults should take part in establishing comfortable environments for the youth to find their place in. We live in a time an era where the media, music and marketing project an ill-defined image of what beauty should look like. We as a society need to heal this bullying process and cultivate an atmosphere that anyone can be comfortably accepted in.

Bullying is a serious act of hate against others. It creates severe depression, suicidal tendencies, and other psychological and emotional issues within society creating a stressful life for others to live. The world needs to regain its sense of empathy and compassion for other life forces. We live on a highly debilitating and destructive platform of everyone transforming to uphold someone else’s image of what being accepted and loved should be. Stop the hate. Stop bullying and teaching bullying.



Tayja Jones-Banks Public Figure Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tayja-Jones-Banks-973922226060178/

Tayja Jones – Banks Public Figure Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tayja-Jones-banks-1723020211303234/?fref=ts

Fox 29 News: Student Shamed for wearing ‘Too Revealing’ Dress to Prom http://www.fox29.com/news/135214434-story


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