Don’t Stunt Your Growth



Growth is a life process that never ceases to exist. You are growing from your mother’s womb into your own human evolution on your journey to higher self every day. Growing never stops but you can stunt your growth. How is it possible for you to stunt your growth, you ask? It’s possible. Each time you hold onto a negative behavior that doesn’t allow you to grow, you are stunting your personal growth process.

Holding onto toxic people, continuing to hang out in unhealthy environments, refusing to acknowledge you have a level or degree of dysfunctional behavior stunts your ability to grow, and develop into a healthier person for your wellbeing. Even things such as poor diet, lack of exercise, or water intake can stunt your ability to develop and grow into who you should be.

For years, I was guilty of societal indulgences not realizing I am a spiritual being on a human journey. I assumed based on societal teachings, propaganda, religious and political tactics, that I was nothing more than a human attempting to thrive in a corrupt world. I allowed myself to be limited to my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional growth processes. Not realizing, I am truly limitless in my own spiritual right as is each one of you.

I always assumed I was limited on my ability to flourish and develop into who I was created to be, because I thought I had no control to evolve into who I am and have been many lifetimes over. Then, I learned there is no heaven or hell that could contain me. I had my own ability to flourish and grow. You can too. But, you must choose to not allow your growth to be stunted any further.

You are not limited. You are only limited by the limitations you apply over your own life. In every day, there is something you can do to grow into a higher being. There is something you can do each day passing to deprogram yourself from your programmed state of being, and dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts, no matter how small. We all have a degree of dysfunction no matter how minute.

This dysfunction forms from a prolonged period of being conditioned and programmed by society, the people who took part in raising you, the environments we grow up and live in, the things we watch on television or listen to on the radio and so on. These “conditioning” factors cause learned behaviors or cognitive patterns that are signs of dysfunction even in its own state of mediocrity.

You are set in a place of fear to grow above and beyond the place you have been conditioned and trained to be in. Therefore, the choice is yours to grow above and beyond what someone else has influenced or conditioned you to be. What will you choose for yourself today?


Keep Growing and Glowing


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