Don’t Destroy What You Love


When you fall in love or get close to someone in friendship, you don’t ever expect them to destroy the bond. Bonds come in many forms. The closest bonds are created in birth, love, and friendship. There is an energy fusion created by the kinetic energies of the individuals that share a close bond. When this happens, the life forces become “inseparable” by space or time.

However, through time there are many types of infractions that cause the bond and its foundation to start cracking. Words said to intentionally hurt, cheating, lying, betrayal of all kinds. These are things that break the trust and bond two people share. If you really love someone, and want them to always share in your life, you don’t destroy the bond between you two.

There are some people who only know how to destroy things. There are others who destroy, fix, and destroy again. And, there are the people who always do what they can to keep a bond alive no matter what the friendship, relationship, marriage or family connection has been through. I’ve stated in previous blogs; the lack of value creation destroys many things in life.

If you don’t understand your own value and worth, you don’t understand the value or worth of certain relationships and connections you establish in life. Value creation isn’t just a term associated to business operations. Value creation is a highly misplaced term that applies strictly to the value of life.

If you value yourself, you value all things in life. Value creation comes with self-esteem also. If you are person who has difficulty loving yourself, you will always have a difficult time loving others and seeing the value of the relationships you have with other people.

There are many reasons people don’t understand value creating pertaining to self and social connections, and relationships. There was a time I too did not understand my personal value to self or life in general. Little things happen such as a complete stranger showing you appreciation, that lets you know you are a value to that person. Life has a way of sending you people to help you understand your value and self-worth.

So, if there are relationships and connections you have please ensure you destroy the bond because once it’s gone, you may never get it back. Don’t ever destroy people you love with an assumption they are always going to be there, or the relationship will ever be the same.


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