Coping With Heartbreak


No one anticipates the earth shattering moment of losing or walking away from someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s the most painful feeling in the world. But, you must accept it.

Love can be the most beautiful feeling in the world, and become the most painful feeling you’ve ever experienced. You have to find ways to cope, stay strong, and continue moving forward after separations.

Don’t beat yourself up thinking you weren’t good enough. Your self value isn’t to be questioned. Don’t focus on the pain of the broken heart. Find different outlets for the pain such as meditation, exercise, yoga, drawing, writing and so on.

You have to create an outlet for the pain or it will consume and begin to destroy you. It is true what you focus on most is what you become. Focus on happiness, and things filled with positive energy. Yes, it’s difficult but it is possible.

Take the time to heal yourself, and fall in love with yourself all over again. In the moment of love lost, take the time to pour all of your love back into yourself. Rebuild and redefine who you are and were before your heart became broken.

Spend as much time outside as possible. Walking is healthy for the body, mind and soul. It brings you back to a healthy state of being. Don’t focus on what ails your heart and mind, focus your thoughts on your surroundings, the things you see and hear.

This rehabilitative exercise allows you to take your thoughts off things that worry the heart and mind, and focus them in the current state of action surrounding you. If you choose to focus on matters of the heart, and the negative energy it will continue to bring you down.

The key to a quick recovery of a broken heart is not that you don’t love the person or care anymore but, that you love yourself and have to take care of yourself. If you must think about the person think about the happy times you shared that grant positive energy not negative energy.

Understand that just because a relationship ended with someone you wanted doesn’t mean you have ended. Relationships may not do what you want them to do but they do what they’re supposed to do.

Learn about yourself from them, know your worth, know you are amazing, and pay attention to the things that you now want in the next person you love.

Keep Growing and Glowing

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