Know The Difference

Situationship – Being committed to someone who puts you in a lot of compromising situations without caring about your wellbeing or safety. Being with this person always puts you in a poor situation yet, it is necessary to teach you self love and self value.

Relationship – Being committed to someone to teach you about yourself and to prepare you for your life partner. This commitment is not lifelong yet, it is necessary for your life experience to teach you more about yourself and show you what things you need to correct within yourself to embrace your life partner.

**Relationships bring you many soulmates which are extremely different from your twin flame.**

Soulmate – A soulmate comes in many forms at many intervals in your life. They show you everything in you that is dysfunctional and needs correction to eventually join with your twinflame.

Life Partner – Your twin flame and internal balance. The person who is the amplification of everything you already are in your state of wholeness. Your life partner supports your goals, dreams, shares common desires and thought processes. Your life partner is your elemental source of balance. Your life partner will never leave when money runs dry or things get tough. They are your harmony.

Twin Flame – Your balance in all things, an amplification of your wholeness shared within commonalities of harmony and respect. Your twin flame is your eternal connection and partner for this lifetime.

Let go the situationships, and relationships. Get yourself together so you can embrace and appreciate your life partner. I am ready for mine. All lessons have been learned.

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– Shine


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