It’s Unacceptable


People become suicidal when they lose all hope in life and can find no love or hope for themselves because others don’t care about them. Life doesn’t have to be this way.

Life’s not unkind. Some people are unkind. Some people are crude and mean. But it doesn’t mean you stop loving yourself or having hope in a better life. Your life happiness is determined by the choices you make for yourself, and the way you treat others.

If you are unkind to others, your karma based on the law of attraction draws this back into your life until you fix the behaviors and change the destructive actions. Internal suffering from your own guilt because of how you treat others and yourself is what causes self loathing. Attention seeking behavior is what causes self loathing and suicidal thoughts.

Suicide is a severe psychological game being played by the abuser and the user. How do I know? I was once at a place in my life where I was like that.

Suicide is a nasty manipulative behavior that aims to hurt the people who have hurt you. It’s a thought process that can be changed but only if you really want to change it.

Some may think my approach to this discussion is cruel and unusual. No. It’s life truth not manipulated or molded by excuses made for heinous behavior and selfish thought processes. I speak from real life instances not theorized perceptions and ill gotten assumptions.

Narcissistic personalities are actually socially induced behaviors developed through life instances of situations beyond ones control and the lack thereof to have ego appeased. Therefore, the individual becomes manipulative and controlling to others in such a way they will even harm themselves to gain and maintain control over others.

People who continue to incite negative actions and words into negative relationship connections don’t realize they’re narcissistic because they are on the inside of the situation. People who think and behave this way have been living this way for so long it becomes a comfort zone until someone comes into their lives and grants them a free wake up call.

A person who has already come from a place where someone else still is can see through what is being done with the abusive and manipulative behaviors. A person who lives a non remorseful life hurting others without caring or acknowledging their wrong to others is a person who is suffering in such a way they are blinded by their own pain, and think the world owes them something.

The world owes none of us anything we don’t put out positive thought, words and actions to gain access to. People who don’t care about harming others are people who have been harmed and felt no one cared about harming them.

So the cycle continues until they try to break every person in their path or until they become their own destruction byway of suicide. Nothing has been solved. A person who is not honest with themselves will never be honest with others. A person who does not truly love themselves will never be able to healthily love others. A person who cannot respect others shows lack of respect for self. And the list goes on.

Each person serves a purpose in our lives no matter what our own perceptions make it out to be. The key to human interaction is self growth and learning to completely love self in all eternity. The journey to truly love self is the journey to look inward to find the god in you that serves and loves you.

You cannot take away what you have not managed to give to yourself first.

Keep growing and glowing.

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