Women’s Health – Removing False Truths and Poor Teachings



In my younger years, I used to be heavily programmed by society. Then, I begin to awaken. As a child certain adults take part in your upbringing that influence the way you think and look at the world. Christianity and some other religions teach false concepts of women’s reasons for menstrual and birthing pains.
As a young female child in this society you are brought up to ‘think’ that women have child birth pains because “Eve ate of the tree of Knowledge when she was instructed not to.”
This is an extremely incorrect teaching. Why? Because, as we are educated in the school systems and throughout life, you learn the truth. What it is the truth?
A woman “cramping” (contracting) while mensing (having her menstrual cycle) every month do ‘not’ come from a biblical figure eating a piece of fruit from a tree. There is no pregnancy and a woman still has contractions as if she were preparing for child birth.
However, in the awakening process, you are taught in school through human anatomy and reproduction systems that a woman actually contracts or cramps during the menses because she has to shed the blood lining that the female body produces in the event that she does not become pregnant.
The female body builds a blood lining within the uterine wall for the egg which passes from the Fallopian tubes which then sits for a 14 day incubation period (fertilization). If the female has no sexual intercourse which causes the egg to become fertilized by semen, the body then sheds the lining by way of cramping to push it out and away from the body to ensure the uterus and body does not become toxic or septic. This is the female cleansing time of month.
In the process of child birth, the female body commits the same act with greater force to pass the unborn baby from the uterus through the birthing canal; past the uterus, and out of the vaginal opening. None of these female reproductive anatomical events have anything to do with someone eating of a tree of which they were supposedly ordered not.
We as women, mothers, aunts, sisters, step – mothers and so on need to break the cycle of this ill gotten teaching to the younger female generation. I’ve done my part to break this cycle of untruths. Do your part. Stop teaching young women the natural way they are to function is a curse. It’s not. It’s life.
Keep Growing and Growing
I. Miller

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