Addressing Anita Padilla & Gary Fox 32 News Chicago

Anita Padilla – Flip Flap On Chicago’s Southside


In this state of address I am going to speak on highlighted points Anita Padilla made that stood out aggressively in her live video on the morning of Thursday, February 4th, 2016:

The morning of February 4th, 2016, Anita Padilla did a live cover due to a “Chiraq” flag being flown full mast in front of a church and the American flag flown upside down by Father Michael as a sign of distress. As well, she addressed the aggressive crime rate of the “South Side” of Chicago. Many felt the flying of the Chriaq flag in front the church, and over the U.S flag to be extremely disrespectful as they admire this “corporation” we live in, and feel this country has done so much for the well-being of humanity. However, I don’t think people realize the type of corporate body this country is.

Many felt upset toward my comments within the live feed and Gary, Anita’s coworker made some openly racist statements in regard to the neighborhood belonging to Father Michael Pfleger. Father Pfleger and especially Gary were upset about the Chiraq flag being flown full mast over the American flag in front of St. Sabina Catholic Church on the south side.

Now, I’ll say this: This country has done nothing for African people let alone accepts that “soldiers” fight the wars of politicians, and political powers created for no reason other than to bully people out of what the U.S wants. The American flag represents nothing for me in the sense that American’s are bullies and want to take things violently from other people and countries, not to mention the oppression that comes with the display.

I am not racist, but I am “pro-black” and based on historical and documented events, it seems the oppressor has no intention to bring peace to the land even if it costs them the lives of their own. Now coming from the African perspective and spiritually progressive mindset, Gary made reckless statements that “the people in that neighborhood show a lack of respect for one another,” and “there is a total lack of respect for civility by the way ‘they’ are displaying the flag.”

Okay, let me address this right here. First, the neighborhood does ‘not’ belong to Father Pfleger. Secondly, Spike Lee creating a Film about “Chiraq” is where this messed up addition to the “slave mentality” comes. For 500 and almost 13 years, the oppressor has deliberately enslaved the body and minds of African people, and now someone wants to make a subjective comment or snide remark about the value of life?

I am going to take this to another level, and it’s about to get very nasty. Throughout history, it is documented that pale skinned people have been the most malicious, violent, desperate people in the history of this world. It disturbs and bothers me that Gary made these interjecting thoughts without carefully thinking about his words. You won’t see liquor stores on the corner of upper or middle-class living areas. You won’t see “drug dealers” hanging around in upper or middle-class living areas. Those areas are patrolled and “protected.”

This society and corporation we live in do not serve “the people” it serves a particular group of individuals and cares nothing about other groups. White privilege is real, racism is alive, and Gary proved it is by saying what he said despite how sublime he chose to say it.

In the video, Gary goes on to say that, “If you don’t respect each other’s lives, why is this so outrageous? Lack of respect for life, lack of values, lack of morals, lack of everything.”

Who is taking the time to show African people they care? Who is taking the time to teach them morals and values when the nation of people have been robbed of all of this by an oppressor? It’s highly deplorable for people to open their mouths and say anything when you’re not even a part of the solution, you are the reason for the problem. Religion teaches and projects nothing but hate, politics does the same and all it continues to do is psychologically oppress while instilling disgusting cognitive behaviors into humanity globally.

Furthermore, Anita continues to record and allow Gary to elaborate on how “those people in that neighborhood” and how “you don’t see that on the north side.” Well, Gary people on the north side are not oppressed and placed in ghettos or have been subject to the slave mentality. Do I excuse the behavior of the people who live on the southside of Chicago or anywhere in the “hoods and ghettos” around the world, no. I will never justify it being okay to be violent or kill each other.

But how dare “these people” get on a Facebook Live feed and carry on as if “those people” are the problem. No, the problem stems back 513 years by way of pale skinned people. A deeper historical level can be assessed to show the reasoning behind the oppression before the RNA mutation. But, then some will say this blog commits a hypocrisy.

No, I am not racist, but I am for my nation of African people because I am tired of my people feeding into the oppression and not breaking the installed cycles. It’s sickening the levels and types of oppression, and the bullshit “they” continue to pump out while trying to make “black people” appear to be so horrible.

Honestly, I don’t care about the American or the Chiraq flag. They are both a “slap in my face.” The 13 Colonies has done nothing for my people. Not to mention, Britain still owns regions in the U. S. And why would you give Chicago the name “Chiraq” just because an article (Guns, Money, Death and the Dude – Welcome to Chiraq, Charlie LeDuff) stated, “more Americans have been murdered in Chicago in the last 15 years than have died in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.”

Gary went on to say, “They get their free phones, they get the food stamps…, there is no incentive to work. Who is going to give up the rent control and food stamps for a job that pays $10.00 an hour?” He also stated, “When you look at the percentage of who is committing the murders…”

Wait a minute Mr. Gary, throughout history, the United States and Armed forces have committed the most killings and crimes that anyone can commit without thinking about the value of life, morals, and values or respect for life. Through actual statistics, whites get more food stamps and government assistance before anyone. Wait, how about the crimes white people commit such as the “Wall Street Wolf,” or the serial killers bred within “those people’s” homes? You don’t see many “black serial killers” or “black serial rapists.” You don’t see the “blacks committing corporate crimes.

Black on Black crime,  genocide, drug addictions, and the lazy mindset and the lack of motivation are installed into the mindset by way of slavery and psychological oppression,period.

1619 in Jamestown, VA., African people were brought to the Americas starved, some dead, sick, beaten, being forced to sleep in their urine, vomit and fecal matter. We were not allowed to read, we were controlled like herds of cattle and forced into slave labor, improper housing accommodations, food or means to clean self.

If caught reading, an African “slave” would be beaten and sometimes killed. Thus, the lazy mindset and lack of desire to further education or read. Now, you had your “house niggas” and your “field niggas.” The oppressor started to pit “blacks” against each other because they realized how strong we were (and are). In that era, there were also “slave breakers” who would literally beat and starve an African until they managed to break their spirit, and it they couldn’t they would kill them.

The oppressor raped our African women until they defected the bloodline and started making babies out of rape with our women. Now, the house nigga is being pitted against the field nigga making one think they are better than the other because of fairer skin, “delicate” features, different colored eyes and looser curled hair.

After that, when the “slaves” were finally allowed to read we were indoctrinated with religion (Christianity), and it was the only thing we were allowed to read or learn. Why? Control! When Africans were allowed to start attending school, the education process was structured by subjects and how many hours Africans could learn in a 24-hour time frame. The educational system is still structured and constructed this way. Any education after primary learning has to be paid for. Having to pay for college is another means of oppression to discourage African people to continue learning due to the lack of funding.

Historical markers are being skipped so as not to prolong the read, but a point is apparently being made to the path of current behaviors instilled not by sole means but by way of force. Africans did not do these things to themselves. Jews received reparations; Asians received a degree of reparations, and even native American Indians have received a degree of reparations. Where are the reparations for African Slavery and our holocaust we have suffered?

People such as Anita Padilla and her trusty side-kick Gary get on a live feed and say such nasty things about the crime on the south side yet they are doing nothing to change it. Fear breeds violence. It’s the same if you put rats in a cage with no food; it’s kill or be killed. They will adapt to survive yet they will fear and attack anything from the outside that comes in, including their kind.

There has been an entire oppressive process to the things Gary and Anita said on yesterday morning. But the insult implied invoked this blog. Be careful what you say about people when you are the very reason a problem exists because you are doing nothing to change it.

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