Opposition is Necessary


There are times you look at certain situations in your life and question why are there “opposing” situations happening in my life? Why does it seem everything “negative” is happening to me?

The thing is, opposition is necessary for you to learn who you are, what you can change or improve about your life choices, and you need to be tested and challenged in your life. If you never was faced with uncomfortable situations, you wouldn’t know what to change or how to improve your self and life.

Your strengths are just that. You can’t improve a strength. But understanding your weaknesses through facing opposition allows you to find room to improve and strengthen areas of your life to become a better person. While learning how to make healthier choices that create positive outcomes for your life.

In order to find the perfect balance for your life, you have to have the right amount of opposition to create a balance in your life. There is no dark or light. There is only balance. We as humans are everything dark and light. Positive and negative. Thus the yin yangs resemblance to life.

Too much good just like too much bad isn’t a good thing. We as humans function just like a battery or magnet. You have to have just the right amount of positive and negative energy to function to your greatest potential. Without a balance you can’t live a wholesome healthy life.

It’s like when everything is going “right”  and you’ve been happy for a long period of time. All of a sudden “something”  happens to rain on your parade. That’s that force of opposition required for further life growth and self improvement.

Changing your perception in opposition determines whether your outcomes are positive or negative. Opposition isn’t something to always be looked at poorly. The next time something happens in your life, ask yourself what life lesson am I supposed to be learning right now?

Sometimes, we have to understand that our own choices bring about the opposition we face, and sometimes things happen we can’t control but either way…. All things happen for a reason and nothing happens by chance. Everything we experience is necessary to make us stronger, better and people who can touch and chance other people’s lives.

Keep Growing and Glowing


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