Love Yourself Now!

be free


We have a tendency to become trapped in a cycle of manipulation from the people we love and care about, especially when in a relationship. We lower our self worth and sacrifice ourselves with a blind hope and faith that, if I love her/him enough they will stop mistreating me, ignoring me when they want. neglecting me for other people or for no reason at all, verbally or physically abusing me. Then, the months, days, and years start passing by..

Incorrect! It does not matter how much you love someone, how good you are to them, or what you give them. If a person cares nothing about you or respects you they will continue to abuse who you are with no regard. News flash” Nothing about it is going to change until ‘you’ change it. Another News Flash: You can’t even be made or bitter with the person because you allowed this to go on instead of removing yourself.

You have to figure out what causes you to stay in an abusive, neglecting place with people. Only then will you stop allowing yourself to be abused. Abuse is not love. Abuse is not friendship. Abuse by family is not okay! I don’t care who the abuser is, IT’S NOT OKAY! Walk away! Abuse comes in many forms and no matter what form of abuse you are allowing someone to put you through, it’s not okay and it’s not healthy.

Abuse is NOT love in any way!!! Save yourself! No one else can save you. Each morning I am blessed to rise I tell myself, “I love you, you deserve the best in life.” You have the power and ability to attract what you want in life. You have the power to heal and stop unhealthy treatment and habits in your life.It all starts in the power of’self love.’ How much do you love yourself? Show yourself now!

Keep Growing and Glowing



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