Don’t Ever Complain



LessynzI grew up without a mother and father. I grew up with no family. I was a ward of the court for 10 years in the state of California. I spent 7 of those years as a run away, raising myself. I vowed to myself as a child I would never be like people who hurt me. I’ve kept that promise to myself. I’ve never complained about my past, or that I have no family (my kids are my only real family).

When California sent me to my grandmother at the age of 18 to New Orleans, I quickly leaned I had no one. Still, I never complained. I met a lot of people there who I consider family and who I love and have never forgotten. Very few of them were really ever there for me. I can count on one hand the people I met there who truly had my back no matter what. Yet, I never complained.

3 months before Katrina I was trying to move to Houston after I had bought my house there. Moving with all my possessions continued to fail because I had no one to help me. 3 months and Katrina came… Hard as it was but due to life or death situations I took my 3 little babies and left. I left 6 dogs, my daughters angora lop rabbit, my snake, my home, my job and everything I owned. Not once did I complain.

I left and came to Houston anyway. 2800 in the bank and 3 little babies on my hip… 16 other people with me who betrayed me… I set out on my own. Not once did I complain. I paid for a hotel from my own pocket for a week until people from New Orleans got me put out and the manager wouldn’t take my money anymore. Not once did I complain.

A lady saw me crying at the Citgo on Main in the medical district. She called her friend to come get me. I paid the woman almost 1200 in one week to stay with her and thank her for allowing me to use her spare car. The woman stole from, got me mixed up in some bad business with her drug addicted husband, and I drew the line and left. Not once did I complain.

In the time I stayed with this lady in Stafford, Texas I spoke with my biological mother for only a few days. She asked me to go to Missouri to stay with her. I declined. My little sister accepted the offer and I didn’t hear much from my biological mother until a few days later when she called my cell phone to ask if my little sister could use a car that was supposed to be mine… I was infuriated. I expressed how I felt with much vulgarity and walked away…

2 weeks in Houston and I landed a very nice apartment. 2 years later I found a nice home in a middle class subdivision right up the street by maybe 5 miles. 9 years later I am still here. I’ve even been through a lot in love and rebuilding my life in these 10 years. I even lost my ability to walk for a whole year with no one to help me accept my 16 year old son which was 12 at the time. I cried and hurt inside and out. Begged for help from all the people I once helped and loved but it was all in vain until Keir Sylvester, my guardian angel sent someone to help me.

However, never once did I complain. I share this portion of my life freely because I have been there for so many people who have abandoned and hurt me. But growing up without a mother or father taught me early, people will always hurt and abandon you in life. But don’t give up. Don’t quit on yourself. Don’t be like the people who hurt you.

Keep striving for a better life. Keep learning who you are and growing. Keep loving yourself no matter who walks out or isn’t there. You have to believe in yourself. You have to fight to save your own self. Don’t complain and don’t depend on anyone else to do it. God will always give your life who and what you need even if it’s not permanent.

I know someone needed to hear part of my story to help them through right now. So I give you this gift and token of inspiration. I don’t know you or maybe I do… Just know someone cares and someone else has had a harder life than you.

Lyfe Lessynz


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