Self Medicating


Self medicating is a coping mechanism that is used to avoid internal issues rather than deal with them. People become a product of high levels of self medicating because they have not learned how to release instead of suppress internal or life issues. I myself was once a person who self medicated in the form of retail therapy, being a workaholic, and an alcoholic.

Self medicating comes in many forms and is not limited to prescription drug abuse, alcoholism, synthetic drug addictions, retail therapy (shopping for things only to feel good in the moment), shoe addictions, clothing, accessories, and or car addictions. Even adrenaline rushes are forms of self medicating of which I am still guilty of. I love to drive at dangerously accelerated races…have all my life.

So understand, I am not isolated in this issue. This is blog is not intended for isolation or degradation of others but more as a self awareness tool as you continue on your life journey.

People assume because they own things, have a business, excellent credit, a nice home or car that their stuff is together. Incorrect. There are levels of dysfunction in all humans despite external appearances, monetary gain or net worth. These cognitive or learned behaviors come from emotionally or mental traumatic instances in our lives.

The key is to identify the root cause of these unhealthy indulgences and remove the cause at the root of the problem. This removes a lot of your unhealthy behaviors that you think is actually healthy or “normal” for you. It’s not.

Self medicating leads to a life of depression, dissatisfaction, listless living, and empty, hollow hearts that are void of some internal fulfillment that has been lost due to tragedy of some form. The unhealthy behavior of self medicating can also lead to a life of long term fatal disease, overdose, continuous failed relationships and so on.

Self awareness, and self improvement through your soul journey are key to living a healthier and happier life, and it all starts with pineal gland activation and decalcification. The mind is vital to your very existence. The thoughts you allow to control your mind, are the thoughts that you allow to determine your life path.

Dependencies erupt from the fear of being alone with your own thoughts which then lead to a life of unhealthy self medicating. Your journey is not over it has only just begun. Look inside yourself. Look into the person in the mirror and look beyond the things you have allowed to control you for so long.

Keep Growing and Glowing



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