The Importance of African Unity


Dark-skinned African people suffer a psychological oppression embedded over the last 500 plus years. Psychological oppression is the act of one group of people exerting power over another group of people to break the spirit and mind of the psychologically oppressed byway of devising systematic methods to dominate the targeted group. The psychology of oppression focuses on the weaknesses as products of social oppression. This construct focuses on social behaviors, integrating social and psychological factors into the oppression structures.

The first form of psychological oppression devised against African people was slavery. Following, the psychological oppression structure was denial of education. Thereafter, religion was devised, and the bible was the only material to be learned and taught. The oppressing group of people determined, if education is denied the oppressed can only learn what they are forced to learn through physical force and psychological manipulation. This type of oppression mechanism created the “lazy mindset.”

The psychological oppression structure has been present since the inception of over throwing a nation of people. Social oppression destroys and damages many psychological processes in the victim to cause them to do the bidding of the oppressor. The psychology of oppression is not limited to unapproved psychological norms. It attacks cravings, compulsive buying and attractions to consumer products causing the target group to act impulsively and compulsively.

As a targeted group of people oppressed, African American people have yet to break the cycle through unification and disconformity. The cognitive behaviors, or learned behaviors implemented into the people have not been deconstructed by way of self-awareness, and compassion for one another as a group of oppressed people. The ability to come together and stand for the nation of people has been crippled to prevent the rising of a nation. Unity is critical to breaking the chains of psychological oppression and enslavement.

Physical enslavement is currently not a threat, psychological enslavement destroys human development within communication, and behavioral structures within the society of a targeted group of people. Racism, religion, and politics being other forms of psychological oppression are devised to keep the masses separated while projecting hate, which invokes heinous acts against one another.

Some place along the line the lighter skinned African descendants assumed they were somehow superior to the original dark-skinned African people. In this thought process the travesty of oppression began.

African people as a whole must stand as one to preserve the source of life. Anyone of African descent must stand against the “illustrious” oppressors, and bring back the unification of the village mindset that once filled a nation of people with compassion and love for another who desired to build each other up instead of tear each other down.

Find love in your hearts, and compassion in your minds as the ancestors once had. If you can make a video projecting hate go viral, or pass on the latest news, pass on something such as this that builds life, and hope for the survival of a nation of people. It is true and long since been proven that all life began with African people. Please stand up for another, and stop destroying each other.

Keep Growing and Glowing
– Lessynz

#universalcollective #universalconciousawakening #beginnow


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