Suicide Awareness: No One Is Exempt From a Suicide Attempt!


Suicide is a very serious issue that affects everyone in everyday life. Depression is the silent killer that leads up to the choice of people taking their own lives. Depression and suicide go hand in hand to tear down lives, destroy homes, and break a person’s spirit.

There are many things that can cause depression from everyday responsibilities, stress within the family structure and home, work, the loss of a loved one, losing a job, and so on.

No one is exempt from a suicide attempt! Becoming overwhelmed is an internal sign of a breaking point. Anxiety, emotional obstructions, and even relationship issues can send a person overboard. Understand who you are, and know your limitations.

If ever you feel overwhelmed, reach out and get some help. Don’t ever think that you don’t need help. Everyone needs help at some point, including myself. It’s okay to see a professional psychiatrist to talk about things you don’t entrust your closest friends or loved ones with.

We’re all afraid of rejection, ridicule, and condemnation. There are times you have turned to the people you love for help or consolidation only to be judged, ridiculed or condemned. When becoming overwhelmed with life’s woes we have a tendency to shut down and attempt to carry the burden alone.

Many times, that is not the best course of action! Suppression, and release are two different things. When you choose to suppress issues, you stuff them down inside until you mentally and emotionally overflow. Creating a release means finding the root cause of the issues, dealing with them and releasing them from your life.

When you choose to suppress emotions you create a “walking time bomb” that can and will explode with the slightest cause for meltdown. Something as simple as a poorly worded text message, bad phone call or someone just bumping into you can cause a meltdown.

If ever you feel you are at a breaking point there are multiple resources available within your community and nationally that aid in suicide prevention. Please, get yourself or your loved one some help at the first signs of change in emotion, eating habits or behavioral moods.

For the Texas region there is a mental health hotline provided by the Mental Health and Retardation Association (MHMRA) that provides 24 hour standby representatives to talk to.

There ‘is’ someone who cares!

To reach the helpline please call 1-866-970-4770. Operators are on standby 24/7 to support your needs.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255



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