Genetically Modified Foods and the Risks Associated

What are genetically modified organisms? Genetically modified micro-organisms are DNA properties modified outside of unnatural instances such as natural reproduction or natural recombination.

GMO’s are in animal and food based microorganisms and create potential health risks of insulin regulation, infertility, accelerated aging and cancer risks, changes in the gastrointestinal track (stomach), and major organs as well as immune system compromissation, and mental health just to name a few.

There are many known scientific research studies that conclude causation of multiple known health issues with the ingestion and use of GMO’s for human consumption that pose health risks.

It’s very important to understand the health risks associated with the foods you eat to prevent passing on and obtaining long-term health issues associated with GMO products.

Education, awareness, and maintaining a GMO-free diet play a critical role in your overall health and life development. Take the time to understand the affects of GMO foods and byproducts, and how it affects your family and you.


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