Self-preservation is the act and ability to save one’s self from any situation, circumstance or people that are a threat to one’s existence. Being self-validated you should know who you are, and where you stand in life with yourself and those who surround you. When you find yourself in a place or position that is detrimental to who you know you ARE, it is time to remove yourself from anything and everyone that is not healthy for you or your life!

When you think about who you are, and the good person you have been for everyone else’s life, and all that you have been for those people that are closest to you whom you love, you get to a place where you have to remove yourself from the same people because the one’s closest to you are the ones who will do the most harm to you.

It doesn’t matter if those people are your children, family, friends or your lovers, you have to preserve who you are and protect yourself even from the people you love. It doesn’t matter if you have to relocate yourself to another area of a city, to another city or to another state to preserve the entity of your being. Sometimes, you have to lose yourself in order to find yourself all over again.

Self-preservation is an instinctual act built into humans and animals to protect and preserve their lives. There is nothing wrong with protecting who you are from those who bring you harm. It is the protection of self from destruction or harm brought upon you by anything or anyone surrounding you. Love is the most powerful gift and blessing in this life. But the love of self sometimes becomes more important than the love you have for those in your life.

Selfish people instill selfish motives into your life even if you are not aware. Selfishness promotes destruction to others and yourself. At any time that you feel yourself being placed in a position that your being is threatened by destruction of those surrounding you, follow that instinct within that tells you to protect yourself and who you are.

Take back the control over your life that requires you to protect and preserve who you are! You are in control of your life. You have more control over your life then you may think you have when being influenced by your emotions and external factors. Take back the control over your life, and save self!

Keep Growing and Glowing

– Lessynz


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