Anyone who does not want to deal with something simply avoids it. People who do not like confrontation, avoid it. People who do not like to deal with internal issues, or external issues avoid the situations, circumstances and people. Avoidance is a defense or coping mechanism that many people use when they don’t want to deal with something right now. We are all guilty of avoiding something, someone, a task that needs to be completed around the house or even take a different route attempting to avoid traffic.

When avoidance is used in a way that hurts you instead of helps you that is when it becomes as big problem. Scape goating is a part of avoidance. Instead of taking the blame for your actions thoughts or words, you blame it on someone else to avoid having to take the blame yourself. You must understand that avoidance of serious surface or internal issues will only prolong creating a positive resolution for these issues whether it involves, people, places, things or just yourself and issues you need to deal with for the sake of living a better life.

Things that cannot be avoided need to be dealt with immediately to prevent further hindrance to your life, and being able to function healthily for self and others around you. Bad attitudes, taking your issues out on others, blaming others for why you have made a choice that has a bad outcome, and many other personal issues prevent you from living a peaceful healthy life.

Understanding why you choose to avoid an issues helps you get passed the issue. There is discomfort in many things in life, especially things that pertain to self. No one likes discomfort in any way. But would you rather live a life of avoidance versus confronting personal issues and creating a positive outcome for yourself?

It’s nice for those who want to blame others to do so, but in the long run it causes you to lose really good people for your life. You can’t blame other people for the choices you make in your life, and you can’t take out that anger and frustration on other people either. Your life is based on the choices you make. If you choose to live a positive, peaceful, drama free life; that is the life you will live with much progression. If you choose the later then your life will always be drama filled and filled with poor choices you’re making through avoiding the uncomfortable situations you get yourself into.

Self-reflection time: Think about current instances that you have chosen to avoid situations you have created, or internal issues that are preventing you from being the best you can be. Are there things you know that if you changed, your life would be better based on dealing with those issues instead of avoiding them? Is there something in your current life position that you could change to make your life better?

Take away from this what you need. I hope this helps anyone it can reach. Let us all learn to be more universally conscious of the choices we make, and learn not to avoid things within ourselves that hinder us from being the best we can be for ourselves and anyone we meet.

Keep growing and glowing.

– Lessynz


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