On Love


Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It feels good to love, and be loved back. Love is an emotion that we are born with. It’s not a cognitive or learned behavior. Love is an emotion, and an action in its own right. It is a true statement that “we are first born to love.”

Many things affect your ability to love in a healthy mannerism. As you grow through life, your first source of love is with your parents. However, if your parents do not provide a “healthy environment” for your love to grow, your love becomes tainted, so to speak. Meaning, if your parents talk to each other with a lack of respect or physically fight around you as a child, this creates issues as you grow in love.


When you grow as a young child from a child to a preteen, a teen into a young adult and an adult, the source of love you grew from is projected in the external relationships you create with people. You become to show the source of love you came from based on your social interactions with other people, and your eventual relationship partners. Are your interactions in your love groups “healthy?” Do you yell, curse and scream when having disagreements with the people in your love circle?

Take a moment to think about how you speak and respond in love…

Based on your own thoughts can you determine if your love circle relationships are healthy or unhealthy? We are all at fault and accountable of our own actions, thoughts and words. There is no need to play the blame game or hold others accountable for your actions because only you control yourself, not anyone else. Think about how you respond to the people you love when you become upset or angered. Are your responses helpful or hurtful to the social communication disagreements that arise in your social groups?


Let’s step into more intimate places of your love lives. When thinking about the people you love and who you allow in your life to love you, how has the process of loving and being loved untwined? Is the love you offer a positive strong love? Do you show appreciation, and communicate your feelings positively in expression? Is there value creation present in the process? Value creation is the process and ability to understand the value of the love you share with your partner. Do you value the love you have, and share with your partner?

Don’t ever think you are foolish or stupid for loving anyone. Other people who love the best way they have learned to love do not lack the ability to love, they just need to learn in their time (not ours) healthy forms of love and communication. We come across the people we love to change us, teach us about ourselves, and redefine who we are in love. Nothing in life happens by “chance,” or “coincidence.” Everything in life has its purpose. That is why we live a purpose driven life.

If ever you hold guilt for loving someone, don’t. The growing pains in love of your lessons to learn about yourself, and others and aid in helping you change yourself into a positive more peaceful person for your own sake, not anyone else.

Keep Growing and Glowing



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