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With all that is going on in the news I would like to touch on parenting in this particular blog. You see, we are losing this last generation of children because we have been legally told we can no longer chastise our children. Not to mention, all the GMO’s being pumped into our food supply it is mentally affecting the masses; especially the children.

First and foremost, you are NOT your child’s friend, and attempting to do so you destroy the parenting process. Parents destroy the parenting process by rewarding children who throw temper tantrums, teenaged pregnancies, poor behavior that does not invoke a reward; these things are destroying the parenting process with the help of the parent.

GMO’s or, genetically modified organisms are foods that different types of chemicals and hormones are pumped into the food suppliers such as cattle, dairy cows, chickens, fruits, vegetables and so on. These organisms are manipulated at the hands of man in a laboratory. The GMO’s are producing serious side affects on adults and children’s ability to think, grow, and function at a “normal” rate. This does not help as humanity continues to procreate and bring more children into the world.

ADD, attention deficit disorder was never a common mental health issue in children or adults. Now, it is as common as hypertension (high blood pressure). ADD affects the attention span, social development, the ability to productively communicate, and live a life free of anxiety disorders. ADD also affects behavior in children and adults alike.

Parents must monitor the food intake, and technology affects our children too. Parents must monitor the time children spend with technologically advanced toys, video games and devices. Cellular phones emit radiation first and foremost, and radiology of many forms cause cancer. Prolonged hours on video games or in front the television affect the eyes as well as manipulates the mind.

We as parents need to take back the concept of raising our children as a village, and deprogram our children from the multiple influences that are destroying our children’s mental capacity to grow into healthy, self dependent children that can properly perform and socialize in the community.

We are losing our children, and it is going beyond out of control. A young man shot up a church in South Carolina and killed 9 people. Throughout history the children and young adults are becoming far more dangerous then our soldiers on the battle field. It must stop! We need to save our children and be parents, and stop trying to be their friends.

We need to invest more time into being parents to our children instead of trying to be their friends, and medicate them by pacifying them with “things.”

Keep Growing and Glowing.


ADD & ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

GMO Facts | The Non-GMO Project.


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