Discussing the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction in summation basically states you attract into you what you put out. I read a book by Deepak Chopra called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. In this good read, Deepak discusses how you can change your thoughts and actions to manifest what you want into your life. He also goes on to discuss the Law of Least Effort which is the said ability to create no resistance in your life, or make no fight (1993).

If these concepts are true, and I must say they are and the book is a definite suggestive read, changing and retraining your thoughts can bring a positive balance to your life. It is true that if you think negative thoughts, and defeat yourself by thinking or saying “I can’t do this or that,” or “I will never get anywhere and have what I want,” then it’s safe to say you will never accomplish anything in your life.

In an earlier blog I posted, “Creating Balance Within,” I discussed the ability to create a balance in your life and I made note that sometimes the greatest victory is doing nothing at all. With that being said the hardest thing to do sometimes is nothing at all in the midst of any given situation that ‘appears’ negative. Sometimes you just have to hold still and do nothing at all. I am still working on exercising this same approach in my own life.

Okay, back on subject. Learning to retain the mind to attract what you want in life is critical to a healthier way of life. We all say, I want a good man or woman, I want a good paying job or I want to drive that nice car, and live in that nice house. But, what are doing within yourself to attract this type of lifestyle and person into you? Deepak made a statement in his book that says, “In order to have what you want in life you must become everything you want (Chopra, D., 1993).”

If this theory is true, then you must change your mindset and actions to line up with everything you want from a person and out of life. You ever sat and asked yourself, “Why do I attract this type of people into my life?” It’s because you attract who you are…literally. If you attract drama filled people, unappreciative people, or a person of your disliking in the long run then you need to change some things within yourself to prevent yourself from attracting them.

There are times that it doesn’t matter what you have changed on the outside until you change what is on the inside. Take some time to reflect on your current state of being and determine if there is something more you would like to change within you that is preventing you from having something or someone in particular. Self-awareness is essential for better living.

Thanks for stopping in for the read, and I hope there is something you can take away from this article to benefit your own life.

Stay glowing or growing. Peace to all



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