It Takes a Heart ♥

Affected by Hurricane Katrina almost 10 years go this August 27th….yes I said 27th because the media is very incorrect. I lost everything, was compensated nothing, and lost all my possessions having to relocate with 3 babies on my hem string and only $2,800 in the bank.

I tried fervently to gain employment before the money ran out ; trying desperately to keep my babies off the streets, out of shelters, and exposed to the sickness and violence that left New Orleans on that critical day.

I hit Houston, TX running and had not slept in over 72 hours trying to watch over my precious babies. My Louisiana license became a curse. I could not get a job any place. I was stereotyped even though my birth certificate stated I am born in Norwalk, CT. Money began to run low fast.

I managed to keep my babies stabilized and got us an apartment within 2 weeks of the disaster costing $980 a month not including utilities, food or anything else we would need. I was desperate and running on E. I hadn’t even realized that year was coming to a close.

December 15 , 2006 I chose to go back to college because I still could not get a job, and was told my experience stood for nothing if my education didn’t balance it. I ended up being a full time stay at home mom for the next several years while balancing education, three babies, minimal to no external support system, and multiple legitimate work at home jobs.

For those who don’t belive, there really are credible work at home companies that are communication/customer service mediums for major clients. How do I know? In 2010 I lost my ability to walk… Completely. I spent every day in excruciating pain and no one to help me.  I was told I would not be able to walk again unless I had spinal surgery. I fear surgery of any kind on  my back.

Anyway, I started looking into work at home companies because even if I could not walk I still had to make money for my babies. I was hired by several companies throughout the years such as, Arise, Sykes, Afni, and Teleflora – Extra Help.

Now,  seven years later and two and half degrees in the hole… I  am sitting on $90,000 worth of financial educational debt. So the gist of this blog post is to ask for a little help clearing thia debt so I can secure the financial future of my children. I have babies that want to go to college, I would like to own my own home again with no debt someday and I want to make sure my kids will be okay when I am gone. I am doing this for my kids. Thanks for just stopping by and taking time to share the energy you gave to even read this.

My GoFundMe Campaign


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